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Posted Jan 05, 2022

Let's kick this. post off by celebrating with you that we have officially crossed half a million dollars for 2021 on December 28th. Nothing like hitting your goal the final hour of the year! For those of you guys who are doing goal setting right now, I think this is really, really relevant and important to set your goals for what they mean, set your goals for the feelings and the experience and the sensations that you want to have behind the goal. When you hit the goal, what is the feeling that you want to feel? What is the experience that you want to have?

I set the goal for half a million dollars in my business this year and as we crossed that benchmark, I said to my mentor "I am so proud that I held that vision and that it went through the finish line, but I am far more proud of the way that I did it and how I chose to build my business and how I chose to stay so in alignment with my values and my boundaries." I'm so much more proud of that than I am hitting the goal itself....

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6 Lessons I Learned From My 160k Launch

Posted Sep 12, 2021

I just closed out my first $160,000 launch (which became a $190,000 launch right after I wrote this!). I can't even believe that my mouth is saying those words right now. A six-figure launch has been on the board for what feels like forever and it always felt like in the back of my head, it was just a little bit out of reach.


And I know there are so many of you that are experiencing this in your business, whether you're just starting out and you're looking at people hitting those numbers. And you're like, “what? That doesn't even make sense.” Or you've been in your business a little while, maybe you're hitting those 10K, 20K, 30K months inside of your business. And you know that those  six figure launches are not that far away yet. You just can't reach out and touch it yet.


So I want to be that possibility portal for you. It is possible for you if it is possible for me. I have no crazy systems in place. I'm not running paid ads. Everything that I...

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Why Your Manifesting Practice Isn't Working

Posted May 18, 2021

Here's what we have been taught about manifesting:

1. Visualize the thing that you want. Picture that thing that you want. Get very clear on what it is that you want.

2. Feel the feelings of already having the thing.

3. Practice gratitude and celebrate as if you already have the thing so that you can raise your frequency, be on the same energetic frequency as a thing that you want and call it into your life.

4. Take action in your life so that you are co-creating with the universe.

5. Surrender. Let it go, release it and don't get all rigid and weird with how it has to look or that it has to look a certain way or it won't come true. I will do my part while the universe does its part to create this and then I surrender. I let it go because being rigid and holding onto it so tight is actually closing off our ability to receive. So when we hold so tightly to the outcome of what it is that we desire, we cut off that entire connection that we have to actually co-create.


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Sustainable Success WITHOUT the Hustle

Posted May 03, 2021

I wanted to talk to you guys today about creating a sustainable success inside of your business without feeling like you have to constantly be hustling 24/7… because we don't have to. We don't have to hustle ourselves into the ground to build a successful sustainable business. I've done it from a place of hustle. I built a seven figure business online from a place of hustle.  And I feel like I missed out on so much of my life doing it that way, because I was either in the business working so hard every single day in a place that was not in alignment or in a place that didn't feel good anymore.


I felt that I had to show up that way. With things around worthiness or what I thought success meant or how the industry made it look or what my peers were doing. I just felt so wrong inside of my body. It felt so wrong in my energy and in my nervous system, but I kept doing it because I had my worthiness and some idea of it having to look a certain way attached to it. So I...

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Envision, Embody, CREATE ✨

Posted Apr 25, 2021

Envisioning and clarity: it’s not just sitting down and creating a dream board. It isn't just creating a game plan for your life. Getting clarity is also being able to send radically clear messages to the universe so you can create those signals for co-creation. It is sending signals to the universe and asking “more of this, please.”


When we start sending mixed signals to the universe, which sounds like “I want this thing, but…” “I want this thing when…” “I deeply desire to have this life, however..." there's something piggy-backing on the back of your dream. And our job is to figure out what that thing is, because it has to be removed in order for us to be fully in it. Co-creation and manifestation are to assist you in getting there and then to deeply understand the gaps in your current leadership and where you are at.


It's not just about having the vision for yourself and then Action, Action,...

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The Embodiment of My Vision

Posted Apr 05, 2021

HELLO, GORGEOUS GODDESS BABES! If you guys are not in my Facebook group, you need to be in there. It is where the party is happening all the time. The people who are in there are just next level energy, which is so so beautiful. And every Friday I post a little thread for free coaching Fridays and one of the questions that I got was:


“Of all of the experiences you've had, if you could only have one technique or tool to use from here on, to elevate yourself and keep your momentum flowing towards your goals, what would that be?”


The first thing I thought when I read that was “That's so hard to answer. Why can I only choose one?” I love my toolkit that I've created over the last few years. And there is a lot of shit that I do.


I am constantly tuning into what is going on in my body. What is my mind telling me as my guide? I'm tuning into my intuition. I'm letting the sensations and emotions of my body tell me what is in alignment and what...

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Masculine and Feminine Energy Balance Inside Your Biz

Posted Mar 29, 2021


“What do you do when you are too far in your masculine or your feminine?”

“How do you balance them out so that you can feel at harmony inside of your body and inside of your business?”


So I want to start off this conversation by saying that your masculine and feminine energy inside of your body are not two separate entities.


I feel like so many of us think of it as like we have the masculine part of us and the feminine part of us and they are two completely different things -- like the devil and the angel on either shoulder of the body. One of them is louder than the other or we’re more guided by one or the other. And if I listen to one of them too closely, then the other one can't stand up and speak and it's causing me to be out of balance. That is false. They are both you and they are not two separate things.


And regardless of gender, you have both masculine and feminine energy inside of you. They are both guiding you. They...

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Staying in the Energy of Your Goals

Posted Mar 22, 2021

My mission is to empower you to keep going with your goals… no matter what your goals are -- if you're just getting started, if it's that first thousand dollars in your business, if you're pushing for those 10K months, 20K months, 100K months.


And to encourage you to just keep going, this is a marathon you guys. If there's anything that I have learned in business, it's that we get really, really, really excited, and we can drain that energy so fast when things get real, when things get hard. And so I'm just here today to remind you of who you are, remind you of your power and remind you that you are here to do this.


You got this. You get to stay the course. You are the type of woman who doesn't give up when it gets hard. We are just getting started. So keep going. When you get there, it is going to be so much more magical than you ever thought. And the journey to get there gets to be so beautiful. I always like to think of when you go to book a vacation and...

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Ebbs & Flows of a Successful Business

Posted Mar 15, 2021

Welcome BACK to The Empower Project Radio! It’s been a minute.

My name is KC Volard -- I am a women’s empowerment and embodiment coach guiding visionary women back to their power and helping them cultivate an internal environment for success through energy work, kundalini, self-discovery and uncovering their Dharma. Guiding them to really coming home to who they are and who they were meant to be when they’re put on this earth.


I took some time and It’s been really busy on the backend of all of my own learning and integrating. Here’s some things that have happened since being off for eight months: My girls are getting so big, the lack of travel is kind of making me cuckoo, I’ve gotten handfuls of certifications; I finished out my practitioner level for NLP, EFT, clinic hypnosis which are all these beautiful Neuro Mindset subconscious re-coding and rewiring tools. I also got light leader Kundalini certified which is incredible. The light...

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Feeling the Fear + Doing it Anyways!

Posted Mar 14, 2021

There’s been this constant theme coming up for me + my clients in the past couple of months. It’s the idea of fear. How do I get past that fear? How do I feel the fear and do it anyways? So that is what this weeks episode is about. I wanna talk about just that — feeling the fear and doing it anyways. And doing it BRAVE.


Here’s what I think: Fear to me is always. It IS the next best step. So when we ask, “how do I know what my next best step is?” I say: “wheres your fear at? That’s what we need to look at and that’s what we need to be doing.” Because fear is triggers by the ego and the ego does not like expansion or growth. If I’m being triggered by fear, that says to me “ooo, this IS the next best step. This is me stepping into expansion. This is me stepping into the next level of myself or my business or what I get to learn and bring on as what I know to be true in my toolkit.”


Fear becomes...

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