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Staying in the Energy of Your Goals

Mar 22, 2021

My mission is to empower you to keep going with your goals… no matter what your goals are -- if you're just getting started, if it's that first thousand dollars in your business, if you're pushing for those 10K months, 20K months, 100K months.


And to encourage you to just keep going, this is a marathon you guys. If there's anything that I have learned in business, it's that we get really, really, really excited, and we can drain that energy so fast when things get real, when things get hard. And so I'm just here today to remind you of who you are, remind you of your power and remind you that you are here to do this.


You got this. You get to stay the course. You are the type of woman who doesn't give up when it gets hard. We are just getting started. So keep going. When you get there, it is going to be so much more magical than you ever thought. And the journey to get there gets to be so beautiful. I always like to think of when you go to book a vacation and you're looking on the website and doing all the planning and you find the perfect vacation spot and it's so, so exciting.


And then you book it and the weeks leading up to that vacation are just magic. Getting all your stuff ready and talking about it with the people you're traveling with your friends or your family. Or maybe you're just solo, getting ready and journaling about it. There's so much hype and so much excitement. And when you get there, it is freaking incredible. You have the best time on your vacation. But the journey leading up to the vacation is often just as fun as the vacation, if not more exciting than when you get there.


So I want to encourage you guys to allow that same energy to flow through your business. Have the big juicy goals and be so excited. Envision yourself being there having a blast. Work hard to get towards your goals, but don't forget to have so much fun on the journey to get there. Because often the lessons that we learn and the things that we experience along the way are the real magic. The little reminders from clients, the little reminders of your power and what you're here to do and why you're here to do it.


You shouldn't feel disconnected from it. It shouldn't feel like a “have to” situation for you. I want it to feel like the best thing. Anchored, fun, playful, beautiful, chaotic... Yes, but amazing. So staying in the energy of your goals, regardless, no matter where you're at -- whether it looks like it's going to happen or not, whether it's in your launch or the middle of your month.


I get asked one certain question all the time. “How do you stay the course? When that initial burst of excitement and energy wears off? When you're kind of in the ebb and flow period -- you haven't hit the goal yet, but the initial excitement wears off -- What do you do in that middle ground?” And this is my response...



I get the energy right every day, right from the get-go. I start my energy practice first thing in the morning. I don't wake up and go on social media and start scrolling and start telling myself why everybody else on the internet is better than me.

Our attention span is so short. I'm not going to spend my precious attention worrying about what everybody else on the internet is doing. I'm a master of my time. I'm a master of my energy and I take that job very seriously. 


So getting the energy right, right from the beginning means I get up, I take a few deep breaths of gratitude, looking around going, “Oh my gosh, life is beautiful.” No matter where you're at right now, there's awe and wonder in every moment that you can find. So I fill out my heart. I fill up every cell of my being with gratitude, love and so much excitement right away. I drink a big glass of lemon water to replenish my body  to give it what it needs to wake me up.


Coffee, of course, But first a big glass of cold water. And then I do my Kundalini practice. So I get the energy right. I get the frequency right.



My vision. I stay in the energy of my goal by staying in the energy of my vision. So where am I going long-term? Not just the goal, not just the number of women that I want inside of an experience or the amount of money that I want to make that month.


Not just the vision of that, but the big picture. When I make the 20K a month, 50K a month, what does that get to be delegated out to? What does that provide for me, my family, my team, my community? What does it really mean to me to hit that goal? What if I do hit the goal? What does it give me? How does it help me grow? How does it accentuate my life? What if I don't? What if I don't show up today? What if I don't go all in today, then what do I lose? What do I risk? Who else has affected my vision? Who else is affected? If I go all the way in and who else is affected? If I don't?


I know what I want, I know my goal, but I also am deeply attached to why I want that goal and what is going to happen in the grand vision of my life if I put everything else I believe about myself aside and I go all in on myself and my goals today. I attach myself to my vision by doing visualization. I give myself three to five minutes every day to sit down and breathe in the energy of what I'm creating.


I put it through all my senses. I see that thing happening. I see it coming alive -- whether it's the amount in my bank account or what that money is going to create for my family. The beach house, the car that you want to drive, the vacation that you want to take your family on, the wardrobe that you want to have, whatever it is for you that is driving this picture. What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you experience in every cell of your being? Take a couple minutes to really allow yourself to go there. Daydream, play in that world and then journal on it.


Top of the page: "This is the vision. This is where I'm going. This is what I'm claiming as mine today."



Am I being my best client? Am I 10X-ing what I am teaching my clients to do? Am I doing everything to the best of my ability that I want my clients to do? It doesn't matter if you're teaching relationships or money or a body movement or spirituality or mindset or any other beautiful gift that you're sharing with the world. It doesn't matter. But are you doing the things that you teach? 

When I start getting really disconnected for what I am doing inside of my launch or my business, it's often because I'm not in full embodiment of what I teach and when I'm not in full embodiment of what I teach, it makes me feel like I am out of integrity with what I am saying. It feels to me like I am saying one thing and I am doing another and you are not that woman. You do what you say you are going to do.


Am I a walking example? A walking billboard? The best fucking testimonial on this planet? And is the expression of my work coming from my next level self, my 2.0, with my very best foot forward? If I allowed my highest self to come forward and say, “this is how we run our business. This is how we show up in the world.” am I being in full expression of that person? So are you being your best client?


Let's be serious. you guys. If I was a fly on the wall today, while you go through the hours of your business, the motions of building your business and going towards your goals. If I was a fly on the wall, would I be like, “hell yeah, bitch. This is amazing. I am cheering you on. You are slaying it. You are all in! I am so proud of you!” or would I be like, “Hey, reel back in, you said you wanted to do this thing. What are you even doing? Why are you scrolling? Why are you picking your nose? Like… what are you doing?”


What does it mean to be your best client? If you could think about your most ideal client that you're like, “Oh my gosh. Yes. More of these people please.” Best testimonials, best human beings. Crushing it. What are they doing that you're not? 



Are you taking time to live in your own inspiration? 

You guys are working so hard towards these goals to reach an endpoint to give you something, but you need to start living in that something right now. The work starts now -- the play, the celebrating, the being in your life. If I'm working so hard towards these goals, to make more time to listen to a really good podcast while I'm out, walking  in the sunshine with my babies, watching them pick up rocks and play through the grass, the sunshine on their face. Like whatever I’m working towards, I need to start doing that now. because at 10K months, at 20K, at 100K -- whatever your goal is -- when you get there, if you're not doing it now, you won't do it then. And you will miss out at every stage of planning this vacation. So how can you bring bits of inspiration of the life you want to live into every single day of your life right now?


Where are you going? What do you want? And what can you at a slightly stretched next level version of you bring into your life right now to cultivate those emotions to say, “this is what I'm working so hard for. This is what I'm experiencing.”?



Take aligned actions. Every single day. You show up, you keep going. Even when it gets hard, you guys, every level of goals has a calibration period that feels extraordinarily uncomfortable. So these tools are here to make that transition a little bit smoother. It's not going to be easy. The road towards your goals is not easy. It's exciting, but it gets really fucking dull. And it gets a really, sometimes treacherous feeling and sometimes it feels like you are in the trenches of your life. This is all normal. The calibration period is extraordinarily uncomfortable. It's supposed to be. Welcome to the world of being an entrepreneur, a visionary woman, you do not sign up for boring.


And that is exactly what you're going to get. So taking these tiny aligned actions every single day. I do what's called a magic three the night before -- So right before I go to bed, or when I'm closing down the office for the day, I write down three things that I have to get done in my business that day to move the needle forward. You can do this in the morning, do it the night before, but I know exactly what I'm doing. Three things that if I complete them, it will move the needle forward towards my goals. 


How am I showing up serving my audience? How am I growing my audience? What do I need to put into place to find more heartbeats, more people to serve? What am I selling? How am I actually getting closer to the end goal? 


SO… Staying in the energy is about taking care of yourself. Choosing to be the leader of your emotions, of your sensations, of your experience. Taking control of that shit.


You are in control of your reality. You get to choose what you experience on this earth plane at this time. And if you don't like it fucking change it. If you don't like it, grab the reins. If you don't like it become the leader who changes it to be exactly what you want it to be. Stay in the energy, hold the vision, follow through until it happens and keep showing up as your best foot forward.


One day at a time, it's not about the end goal. It's about what the end goal is going to give you. And it's about having so much fun and being anchored into the tiny, beautiful, expansive, scary, expressive moments on the journey to get there.