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6 Lessons I Learned From My 160k Launch

Sep 12, 2021

I just closed out my first $160,000 launch (which became a $190,000 launch right after I wrote this!). I can't even believe that my mouth is saying those words right now. A six-figure launch has been on the board for what feels like forever and it always felt like in the back of my head, it was just a little bit out of reach.


And I know there are so many of you that are experiencing this in your business, whether you're just starting out and you're looking at people hitting those numbers. And you're like, “what? That doesn't even make sense.” Or you've been in your business a little while, maybe you're hitting those 10K, 20K, 30K months inside of your business. And you know that those  six figure launches are not that far away yet. You just can't reach out and touch it yet.


So I want to be that possibility portal for you. It is possible for you if it is possible for me. I have no crazy systems in place. I'm not running paid ads. Everything that I do in my business is organic marketing, smart content creation, community, and connection with people on the internet and selling the things that light up my soul.


I wanted to come and share with you a few tips, learnings, downloads and lessons that I have experienced over the last month in this launch. 


NUMBER ONE: I will never fucking launch for that long ever again. Mark my words. Never again. To sustain my energy at a high calibration and hold the belief and stay tuned into the same message for that long was exhausting. I feel like August took me through the ringer. Like every task the universe could have given me was given to me during the month of August, it was absolutely wild.


It felt like such chaotic energy between the collective energy online and the temperature of the world right now. Everything happening felt so heavy. I was so overloaded. It was just like one thing after another.  And I will say that I am celebrating myself or practicing such powerful boundaries around what I needed for my mental health and my energetic health as a recovering hustle-holick and someone who has worn her worthiness on her sleeve like a badge of honor her whole life. Being able to remove myself from those hustle driven situations and say it is safe to slow down. It is safe to take time to heal. It is safe to take time to integrate when you get traumatic information or you're experiencing different frequencies in the body.


You can have a wildly successful launch. Even when life happens, even when things don't go as planned, even when you get knocked out and knocked down, You can still sell out your very intimate container. You can still sell out the high level spots that you have in your business You can still have a $160,000 launch even in your mess. 


Energy is everything. Before I had proof that this launch was going to work, that there was anyone who was going to want to buy it in my audience, that I was going to be able to sell these things, I had to lean on faith. I had to trust. Trust is the key here because it won't logically make sense in your brain. Our brain is operating solely based on what we have experienced before. Our conscious mind is just programming based on things that we have seen, learnt and experienced in our life already.

So it's creating the vision in your mind first. A vision that makes you desire it so badly that you cannot imagine your life without it coming alive. I literally would sit down every day, close my eyes and I would think about this launch and the women that would be with me on the calls when we were doing them, the next level conversations that we would be having. I would think about the retreats. I see the beautiful fresh flowers, the candles and the water bowls, what we're wearing and the whole goddess vibes. Envisioning this makes me want it so badly that I can't imagine myself not following through on this. And so the energy is everything because then it's training your body and your aura, your electromagnetic field, and your nervous system to hold the capacity for that vision.


It's a stretch, it's growth, it's expansion, it's all of it. But your next level isn't something that you strive for. It's something that you become with every cell of your being. And I was able to do that because I could close my eyes and envision the experience. 


What do I see? 

What do I hear? 

What do I feel? 


And I feel it with every single cell of my being, I fall so madly in love with it, like an unhealthy love affair that I can't imagine it not happening.

And then I ask myself, who do I have to become and show up as every single day of my life to walk towards this mission?


NUMBER TWO:  a tool that I used to train my aura and expand my capacity through this launch was Kundalini. I used Kriya's for leadership, for clear and concise communication. I worked on my solar plexus. I took care of my energetic body the whole time. I connected more intimately with the depth of who I am and how I want to be expressed in this world.


Anyone can create an experience or a retreat or a mastermind, but what made this a six figure launch for me was because I led with who I really am at the depths of my soul that I desire to be seen as. 


What is the work that I am really here to do?

How am I here to change the frequency of the world?

And how do I want that to be expressed? 


Every inch of my messaging, my content, my wording, my live streams, my masterclass, everything was infused with the energy of who I am and the impact that I wanted to create with this experience. If you want to go bigger than your aura has to go bigger. If you want to expand you and your energy have to expand at the same time.


And yes, it's uncomfortable recalibrating to something new that is not comfortable. It is not sexy. It is not exciting. It is hard. It brings every limiting belief, lower level frequency, bullshit that you are carrying around in your suitcase to the surface to be healed, to be looked at, to be cried upon. It's hard work but your subconscious mind needs to be on board. Your frequency needs to upgrade. Your aura has to go bigger. So I used the sacred technology of Kundalini using blue dress mantras, sacred geometry with the body and breath work. Kundalini is here to help you awaken the divine feminine energy within.


NUMBER THREE: I incorporated freedom and play because at the end of the day, those are the things that I am not willing to sacrifice. Those are the things that I stand for in my brand. Those are my values for my life. I have big goals for my family. I have a huge mission, a huge vision. I want to impact a lot of lives. I want to do big work. I want to make a lot of money and I want to teach you how to make a lot of money. I'm not willing to sacrifice my freedom, my time, my play and my family. So I've learned to create a business where those are the top priority and they become some of the values that I have inside of my business. I created the business model to support me being in flow, being present in my life, being able to launch without being on all the time.


I created the entire expression and vibe, structure, model and framework of my business to support launches like this. I took a week off to play with my kids to enjoy my summer. I took another week off of social media for my mental health and my energetic health. When shit hit the fan, I deleted all my apps. I honored myself in those moments and I took what I needed. I took time to travel, to go camping multiple times with my babies and no service. I spent days on the beach in the sun. I spent time with myself. I spent time taking courses and reading and learning while I launched because my business works for me.


It's being in the energy of my long term vision and not just in the vision of that launch. I don't structure and strategize my launch just when I'm launching. I know what's coming in my business so that my long term vision inspires the hell out of me, fills my cup, reminds me of what I am here to do and how I can serve in a bigger capacity. I put structures and framework into my business so that I know what I am launching and I know when I am launching it. I create flow and freedom to be able to do pop-up masterclasses or live trainings and then I release the rest and I live my life. I disconnect to reconnect every day.


NUMBER FOUR: I left room for aligned action. What I mean by that is I didn't hyper plan. I didn't even actually have a structured launch plan. I just went with the flow. I did two podcast episodes and I sent out two emails. I left room to speak from my heart every single day about the experience. I left room to play. I did reels. I did posts. I spoke about my experience. I intuitively allowed myself to be guided on what to say every single day. When I was inspired, I wrote emails in the same inspired energy. I recycled and reused a lot of content. I was so crystal clear on who this experience was for and what experience they would have inside of the container. Very clear in my messaging, who it is for and what is a breakthrough transformation that you will have with me in this time. I didn't make the launch about what I was doing, but I made the launch about who I was being when I did it.


It was more about doing the things because I was guided to do them and not because I needed to. I refused to infuse this launch with any kind of fucked up needy energy but instead infused this launch with the energy of desire. This energy of desire attracted the full body YES clients. There was no humming and hawing. 


NUMBER FIVE: I went through the finish line. Ran through the finish line. I have been training for this launch for lifetimes. I didn't give up when it got hard or when life happened. Things happened to my loved ones. Things happened in my personal life. The world went fucking bananas. I'm still trying to navigate that. I'm still trying to raise babies in the middle of a pandemic. I mean, I'm not going to sugar coat it, huge shout out to all you mamas out there trying to raise babies right now and make decisions that are hard for everyone. We are in it.

But I went through the finish line. I didn't give up when I got overwhelmed. I tuned into my heart and got out of my head so that I could keep my head in the game to make really good decisions. And I stayed in my heart so those powerful decisions that I was making were coming from empowered heart centered plates. Everything that you need to know is in your heart. I had to take care of myself so I could stay in my heart so I could keep my head in the game. 


Throughout this launch, I leaned on my team, I leaned on my clients, I leaned on sisterhood. I cried so many tears, tears of frustration, tears of anger, tears of “what the fuck am I doing?” And “who am I to do this?” Tears of breakthrough, tears of realization, tears of joy and celebration and excitement.


Support is everything at your next level. Please understand that. Get yourself a coach, get yourself a mentor, get yourself in a mastermind, get yourself some sisterhood, get yourself fucking support so you can get to the next level in your business. Because when it gets hard and when you want to celebrate, and when you want to be seen and heard and understood, you need people in your lane.


NUMBER SIX: The truth is you can create anything, anything that is on your heart. This launch felt so much bigger than me because it was, but I didn't back down because I knew that it was the next step in my business and I was so ready. You can create anything that is on your heart but it will require all of you. Every inch of tissue, every fiber of you.


When you see the possibility, you are being incredibly honest with yourself about who you need to be to get there. And then you go, you run full out, you trust, you surrender, you release control of things that you don't have control over, and you play full out in the arena that you do have control in. Be willing to fall on your face over and over and over again.

Because being halfway in creates halfway results... which brings in halfway clients and then you end up with a halfway sold out launch. This is not a half ass life. This is not a half-ass vision. Stop playing halfway in the game. 


Who are you being when you are all the way in?

Who are you being when you are all the way in on that vision?

My friends, this is ownership. This is ownership of your life. This is ownership of your business. This is ownership of your goals. Not backing down, playing full out, getting support where you need it. This is embodied leadership. This is being the leader who leads herself first to expand the capacity that she holds so that she can hold more space for more people, more clients, more opportunity, more money, more impact. This is your higher self CEO taking the driver's seat on your life and the decisions that you make.

This is your ride.