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Sustainable Success WITHOUT the Hustle

May 03, 2021

I wanted to talk to you guys today about creating a sustainable success inside of your business without feeling like you have to constantly be hustling 24/7… because we don't have to. We don't have to hustle ourselves into the ground to build a successful sustainable business. I've done it from a place of hustle. I built a seven figure business online from a place of hustle.  And I feel like I missed out on so much of my life doing it that way, because I was either in the business working so hard every single day in a place that was not in alignment or in a place that didn't feel good anymore.


I felt that I had to show up that way. With things around worthiness or what I thought success meant or how the industry made it look or what my peers were doing. I just felt so wrong inside of my body. It felt so wrong in my energy and in my nervous system, but I kept doing it because I had my worthiness and some idea of it having to look a certain way attached to it. So I kept doing it and doing it. And I was either in my business doing things that I didn't want to do any more for those reasons, or my mind was constantly turned on and racing inside of my business. I was constantly in this state of like, “I need to check my phone. I need to be on. I need to be creating content. I need to be thinking of content.” My mind never went away from business and I missed out on so much of my life, either being in the business or having my mind constantly in the business.


So I will preface this by saying: I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you don't have to work hard for what you want or that you don't have to work hard for success because that's a fucking lie too. I have worked really hard to get to where I am. However, there is a difference between hustle and grit. Hustle, to me, is a very low frequency energy where I am attached to this idea of me having to be on all the time, working really hard, doing things that don't feel good. 


Just keep doing, just keep moving. Just keep blinders on. Completely detached from my body. Moving, moving, moving. this  And the difference on the other side is grit. Grit, to me, is when my power is fully turned on when I'm lit up. And I feel like everything that I'm doing feels good. Everything that I'm doing is true for me. Everything that I am doing is on the path of doing it for the right reasons. My dreams, my way, my vision, what I want to create. And then I show up every single day consistently. I work really hard. Don't think that I don't, but the action steps that I show up and do every single day feel good. So there's a difference between hustle and grit.


So journal on this: How do I tell if I'm in hustle or if I'm in grit? Am I in alignment? What does it feel like to be in alignment? And what does it feel like when I'm out of alignment? What does it feel like when I'm lit up in alignment and what does it feel like in my body or my intuition when I'm not in alignment?

And then the second thing that you can journal on is getting really, really clear on what the difference is in your body. When do I know what the ego is speaking? Trying to keep me small, trying to keep me from my next level, trying to keep me safe, working from logic and programming that I've picked up all along the way in my life. When in my life am I acting from the ego? When am I acting from intuition and learning to differentiate between the two? When do I get an intuitive hit that is coming from my body, my heart, my sacral chakra? When am I having intuitive hits coming from here? And when am I having my guidance come from my logical brain… the things that aren't even mine? 


The difference between hustle and grit. To me, one is a forward moving. In my body. This feels good, this feels scary, this feels intense, this feels like a lot this feels like my next level. Does this feel like a stretch? Sure. Am I spending time in my business? Yes. That's grit. 


Hustle is when you feel like you're spinning your tires and you're detached from the whole situation. So that's the first thing. I'm not telling you that you don't have to work really hard in your business. You're a CEO, you're an entrepreneur, a boss, babe, you're the guider of your life.


So how much are you going to put into it? That's how much you're going to get out of it. A hundred percent consistency every single day and showing up, but from a place of love and a place of joy and a place of full body alignment and not from a place of hustle. I have been there too. When I say this to you, it is coming full force from experience. And you know what hustle bought me? It got me a fat bank bank account, and a whole world of me having to re-evaluate my entire fucking life and what I had built that whole empire on. Because when you end up with anxiety or depression or burnout or overwhelm or something catastrophic happens, or you hit your upper limit or whatever it is that happens, inside of you is going, “Oh my gosh, I would give anything to slow down.” And then the universe is like, “I hear you here. I'll give you some depression.” And then you have to spend three months on the couch, reevaluating your whole life. So that was me. And now we get to do it differently. And I am your guiding light that says we get to do business very differently. 


So number one, grit. Creating sustainable success inside of your business that is coming from a place of grit instead of a place of hustle. Your energetic capacity at which you can hold space for other people and you can hold space for your business and you can hold space for the energy, the extreme high frequency of success, the capacity at which you can show up for yourself. You can hold space for those clients. Seeing what's going on with them and helping them through it, holding the capacity for what it actually takes to build a business. Your capacity inside of your body will determine what level of success that you can have. So it does not matter what kind of strategy or structure or framework or ‘10K how to’, or how much you spend on a one-on-one business coach. If you don't have the capacity to hold that space and hold that energy for success inside of your business, you're putting a band-aid on top of a wound that needs to be healed. (This is why I pair shadow work and Kundalini inside of my business school!!)


When you work with me, when you take one of my courses, we fix the energy first. We fix the energy for success. We understand the shadows. We understand your triggers. We understand where you have blocks going on inside of your energy centers. If we can clean those up, if we can heal them and move through them, if we can shine up the aura, if we can make space inside of our energy field, inside of our body, inside of our understanding... then we're not putting band-aids on top of things anymore.


We can take different structures and systems and bring them down into the body and understand what feels good and what doesn't feel good. But when you do the energy work first, when you look at what's going on inside of you first, you're clearing out energetic space to make more capacity, to hold more space for yourself, your business and other people. So that's number one, energy. 


Number two is having a system that's actually a good fit for you. So depending on our energetic DNA, our human design, our energies, and the way that we show up our element, our elemental makeup and who we are, what we've been through, how we learn, how we understand things. Hi, I am clinically ADHD. So a system that works for somebody else probably won't work for me. And I had to understand that.


So the second thing is learning for yourself and learning the systems that feel good. Anytime you work with a mentor, you do a course, you do a free offer, you do webinars, you're learning from other people with the intuition that you've developed and that you understand. You say, “yes, this feels like a green light for me”, or, ‘Ooh, this doesn't feel very good.” It's like a giant buffet. You get to take off the buffet. What you want, what you like, what tastes good for you, take a whole helping of that. The other stuff, maybe, maybe not. I don't know. I will have a little sample. I'm going to go sit down. I'm going to think about if I want some more and if I really like it. And then there's going to be things you're like, “fuck, no, that stinks. I don't want it.”


Just because everybody else is doing it or everybody else likes it doesn't mean that you have to. So it's curating systems and structures that feel good for you. That said we cannot go around without systems and structures and framework in our business. If you're still throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks, if you're still throwing random workshops out there without understanding who you are, what you're here to do, your mission, your purpose, your unique methodology, your unique way of doing things...

If you're still just throwing shit around that, it's not going to feel good either. And the reason that doesn't feel good is because we only have so much energetic capacity. So having a system and a structure in place where you understand what you're here to do, what your medicine is, how you're here to shine and then having a step-by-step system that you custom curate to yourself based off a buffet of things that work.


And then the number three thing is training your nervous system for success. When I was hustling, when I was showing up in that way, I fucked up my nervous system. You guys… my adrenals were shot. I'm still to this day, after two years, trying to rebuild my adrenals. And it's because they were constantly in fight or flight. I was constantly in fight or flight like, “Whoa, where's the next thousand dollars going to come from? How am I going to get more clients? How do I build? How do I?” and it was just like one foot in front of the other. And I didn't even know where I was going. And my nervous system was so shocked. So in order to build sustainable success, we start to train the nervous system.


Number one -- it's understanding who you are at an energetic level. Because when I understand who I am and I deepen my intuition, I know when I'm treading that line of I'm really tired and I need to slow down, or I need to delegate and ask for help, what to delegate and how to ask for help when I need to have more fun inside of my business, because I'm getting a little bit frantic and erratic understanding where that line is and what practices do I have in place when I'm overwhelmed. Also training your nervous system to know that if you start your business and you don't hit a 10K a month in your first month, that's perfectly fucking perfect. If we can come in and offer something and make $10, and that feels good, then we do it twice and we make $20 and that feels incredible. And then we do it twice and we get two clients at $40 and that feels so expansive.

And when we keep getting those hits, it's like little deposits into your confidence bank account. And as that bank account grows, you have more to invest back into it. So then we launch it a $200 offer and you sell that to five people and you're like, “I made a thousand bucks. I can do this again. I can do this with 10 people.” And then in month three, you have your first 10K a month and it's not coming from a place of, “Oh my gosh, how am I going to do this again? Next month, this feels scary. This feels like it's going to fall apart.” So we train the nervous system by getting those little hits at the bottom and working our way up for some of us. We can get those small hits on day one. And then again on day two, and then again on day three and again on day four, and we can move really, really fast.


Can we have a 10K month our first month? Absolutely. I've seen many people do it, but not from a place of hustle, not from a place of scarcity, not from a place of an untrained nervous system where you're wigging out on yourself all the time. 


So number one is your energetic capacity. What do you have the capacity for?

Number two system and structure in place that is customized to you, your energy, your business, what feels good for you? What lights you up?


And step three is actually training your nervous system, bringing the visions down into the body before they happen. Small wins, sustainable movements, sustainable action. Every. Single. Day.