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The Embodiment of My Vision

Apr 05, 2021

HELLO, GORGEOUS GODDESS BABES! If you guys are not in my Facebook group, you need to be in there. It is where the party is happening all the time. The people who are in there are just next level energy, which is so so beautiful. And every Friday I post a little thread for free coaching Fridays and one of the questions that I got was:


“Of all of the experiences you've had, if you could only have one technique or tool to use from here on, to elevate yourself and keep your momentum flowing towards your goals, what would that be?”


The first thing I thought when I read that was “That's so hard to answer. Why can I only choose one?” I love my toolkit that I've created over the last few years. And there is a lot of shit that I do.


I am constantly tuning into what is going on in my body. What is my mind telling me as my guide? I'm tuning into my intuition. I'm letting the sensations and emotions of my body tell me what is in alignment and what isn't. Then I use my tool kit to start to heal that stuff or accentuate it.


But if I had to choose something, I would say it is the embodiment of your vision. (I kind of did a sneaky little thing here because I can... because I make the rules). I combine breathwork, Kundalini, dancing, movement, self-love practice -- all those things together -- and I will call those all embodiment. Then I can tell you that's one tool. 


So embodiment of my vision. Because here's the thing you guys, we can achieve massive things, we can set huge, audacious goals. That is not hard. Hitting those goals is not hard. Getting the momentum flowing to reach those goals is not hard. 


It is up to you to choose: “Do I want to do this from a place of hustle and thinking that I have to show up and the next action step that I take is going to get me there? And that I have to show up and show up and show up and show up? And that's going to help me hit that goal because that's true?”


While working really hard does create momentum inside of your business, you’ll eventually work yourself to death to get to your goal. In my experience there’s a much simpler and much more fun way. You can unleash the energy that is inside of you that can guide you. You can deepen your intuition, learn to trust yourself, and that can guide you. You can surrender and get quiet and create space for yourself in your mind and your body and your energy. Calm your nervous system, create space, because when we create space and then we apply the vision, anything is possible.


So you can create your life, you can create your goals, you can go to UNfathomable places… but it's up to you to choose. “Do I want to do it from the way that I have always fucking done it? The way that I was taught and trained to do it? The way that we have been taught to strive for things for hundreds of years? The way that we're now realizing is so damaging and so exhausting?”


I will be the first one to tell you and I'm going to sing it loud and fucking proud in this place, 


But I don’t want you to go through what I went through. I did it from a place of everybody else's goals, everybody else's ideas of success, allowing everybody else to dictate the vision of my life. When you do it from this place and when you eventually hit that six figures, or you have your first 10 K month or whatever that big goal is for you -- if it is not with the vision that you have on your heart that comes from who you truly are, the values and the beliefs, your Dharma, your life path -- if it's not aligned with that, it’s for nothing.


I was having this crazy realization moment. I was listening to a podcast episode the other day (and I can't for the life of me, remember who it was), but they were talking about a man who had a $400,000 launch in like 30 days -- which was his big goal.


He worked so hard, so hard to do it, and when that happened. A massive wave of depression hit and I was like, ‘Holy shit. That is part of what happened to me.” A little over two years ago, I had set the goal I had and I had been saying since I was like 17. “I'm going to be a millionaire before I'm 30, before my 30th birthday in my twenties, I'm going to become a millionaire.” That was a big goal. Why? Who knows? It was just something that I had picked up along the way that I had decided that when I get there, it's going to make me worthy. It's going to make me happy. It's going to set me free. This one life is going to make sense. It's when everything is going to be fucking rainbows and perfect. 


I put everything, everything behind that. I worked so hard. I sacrificed bits of my life that I will never get back. I put myself into positions that I now am trying to heal all the things, but I had my blinders on and I didn't realize what I was doing to myself on the journey to get there.

And it happened in April of 2019, we crossed the seven figure mark. I did it. I hit it one month before my 30th birthday and I had anxiety and overwhelm and depression so bad that some days I couldn't get out of bed and I would cry on the couch to my husband.


Like I knew that there was something more, I knew that I'm made for more. I knew that there was more out there. I thought that this would be it. I thought that this was a ticket. Once we landed here, everything would be perfect. But I'm here to tell you that it's not and if you don't have the vision behind the vision of what these goals that you are striving for is going to give you, it will be so empty when you get there.


I burned my first business to the ground so I could chase what it is that I'm passionate about. What it is that I wanted to do. I drained my savings and hired the life coach and when I did that, I hired the business coach and put that onto a massive line of credit. I'm grateful that I took that leap. I'm grateful that I had failed launches. I'm grateful that things didn't go the way that I thought that they would. Everything brought me right here.


So if I had to choose one thing to start over with (the thing that I did start over with), it would be the embodiment of my vision. Stripping away everything that wasn't mine. When I started over with the anxiety and depression crippling my whole life, when I burned that business to the ground, when I made a huge decision... The only fucking thing that I had was the vision.

The only evidence that I had was this burning desire on my heart. That's it. 


I hadn't made a single dollar in my business and I had to strip away everything that I had learned about building a business, about setting goals, about having all of my worthiness wrapped up in these external ideas of success. And I got to rewrite the story. My rules, my way -- the way that felt so real to my soul. Even if I didn't build the seven figures really fast, even if I made no money, it's still so real for me.


So embodiment of the vision. 


My first question for you is: What is the goal under the goal? What is the vision under the vision? I saw someone ask in a group the other day, “I'm trying to manifest my first 10K month and everyone tells me that I have to feel the feelings of having 10K. So those of you who have had consistent 10K months, or those of you who make consistent six figures, what does that feel like?”


My answer to her was this: There's no feeling behind 10K. There's no feeling at 50K or 100K. It’s all the same feeling and those feelings that we want to feel are joy, excitement, bliss, love... all of these things that we hope the 10K, 50K, 100K months will give us -- those are all just sensations.


That’s what life is really all about isn’t it? Finding joy, finding fulfillment, finding bliss. It's not the money that gives you that, it's you that gives you that. You can create these sensations and these vibrations inside of your body at any time. We can use techniques like breathwork, Kundalini, meditation, dancing, taking one of my soulflow classes. We can create these sensations and environments inside of the body right now -- bliss, joy, ecstasy, enlightenment -- and we can go fucking Cosmo and we completely go outside of our body at any time, regardless of money, regardless of what is happening.


So it's not about feeling the feelings of the money, it's about feeling the feelings of what the money will create in your life. And when those things are created in your life, creating the sensations of having those things now and bringing them alive in the body now. When you are a lit up goddess in your power, your frequency is high, your energy is high, you're happy, you're doing your purpose, your life is just on fire, you feel incredible… the 10K months will come. They're not hard. It is not hard to make $10,000 in a month. It is not hard to build a six-figure business at all. But what is underlying?


What is your vision under the vision?

What does it give to me?

What does that six figure year give to you? 

What does it make possible? 

How does it change your interaction with yourself? With the world?

What possibilities does it create for you giving little gifts to your clients?

Does that feel next level for you giving your incredible team a raise?

Does that feel next level for you taking your family on that vacation?

Does that feel next level for you taking yourself on a shopping spree?

What does this money actually provide for you, your family, your community, your team yourself? What does it make possible? 


And when you close your eyes and you think about what that makes possible for you and your life, what are the sensations and emotions that are attached to that?


Being able to give these next level things to people. What does it feel like to be on that vacation with your family and close your eyes and picture the Palm trees? You can smell the ocean. You can taste the Mohito that you're having. What are the sensations that are created inside of your body? Cultivate those inside of your body now. 


That's the first thing that I would suggest that you do is learn how to envision the goal under the goal. What does this give you? And once you have those feelings, use breathwork, use Kundalini, use dancing, envision this while you close your eyes and dance in the expression of this coming alive -- the most powerful thing you will ever do. And as you do these practices, you'll also notice things coming up for you. 


So what is it? Get curious, go to your journal.

What am I making this mean? 

What is the thing that is telling me that I cannot have 10K months? The vacation with my family? This certain body that I want? The business that I want? The clients that I want? The impact that I want? The money that I want? What are the stories there? The thing about stories is they're all bullshit and they're all made up of every single belief, every single story that you have picked up from somewhere or someone else. Sometimes those stories have been repeated enough times through our lifetime, that they become our truth. But we get to change those out at any time. It is as easy as choosing a different story. A story that is in relation to the vibration of that vision, the vision that you want, the sensations that you want, the emotions that you want -- we create new stories that are in alignment with those. Then we allow ourselves to hear that story over and over and over again. And it rewrites the old belief, the old belief that we collected from somewhere that's not even ours.


So I embody these feelings. I cultivate these feelings of this vision. I bring them down into my body. I feel them. I let them come alive, more vibrant, more bright. I create them. I create that internal environment for success for myself. Every time I do this, every time I allow myself to create this space. Every time I allow myself the space to create this vision and I'm in it, it is training that part of my brain. Your reticular activating system (RAS) is re-training that part of your brain to give you proof that you can do this. You can have this. This can be real. These are opportunities. This is other people doing what you want to do. This is mentors falling in your lap. This is the program that you're like, “Was this created for me?"


You asked for the signs, you asked for the signals, you said, “I want to create this specific environment with this specific story and these dreams, and this is what I'm available. And this is what I want. Now, brain, please use your brilliant filtration system to only give me evidence of this. Only give me recipes and possibilities and opportunities and proof of this.” And that's what it does. It goes out like a heat seeking missile to give you proof of all of these things that you want. The only thing standing in your way is the old stories and we get to clear those out through breathwork, through Kundalini, through somatic shaking, like just stand there and shake your body for 20 minutes. “Let go, let go, let go, let go. This isn't mine. This isn't mine. This isn't mine. This isn't mine.”

You can do your life differently. You get to choose what your life looks like. You get to choose the path and anything that is standing in your way, you say, “I'm not available for it.”

I will figure this out. I am the queen that figures this out. You give me an opportunity. You give me a way.” If I get even the tiniest little slight nudge, burning, tickle, in my belly, in my heart, into, in my intuition, like if you are setting my energy centers off, I'm investing, I'm buying, I'm moving. I'm saying, yes, I'm taking the leap. I'm jumping in. I'm tracking through the mud because I'm brave. I'm choosing to be brave. And that's the rebellion. You don't have to be afraid. You don't have to conform. You don't have to follow anybody else's process of doing it. It doesn't have to make sense. And FYI, my friend, it will never make sense. You have to create your own safety. You have to create and cultivate your own self trust.


And self trust comes from you choosing yourself over and over and over and over again. So if I had to choose one tool, it would be me asking you, “What do you really want? And then underneath that goal, underneath that vision, what's the vision under that vision?


When I get that lake house, what does that mean? It’s not about the lake house. It's the retreats that I'm running there, the impact that the women are going to have, they're going to leave and they will never ever forget that lake moment that will transform their lives. It's about thinking about those women going home and how that will impact their life, their business. And when I close my eyes and I can feel the sensations of them telling me about how that changed their life, that's what I chase. That's what keeps my eyes closed. After I've been in this, I can feel it. I can smell it. I can taste it. It's mine, it's mine, it's mine. And I stand up and I start to dance in celebration of having these things. That's the magic.


So what does a 10K mean to you? What does the goal mean to you? What feelings does it create? Embody them, feel them, create them, dance them, live them, celebrate them. Anything that is not in alignment with this, let it go. Then take action.


If we are not taking actions to cultivate the environment of having that thing now, then when you actually hit the goal, you'll forget what you did at all for.