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Envision, Embody, CREATE ✨

Apr 25, 2021

Envisioning and clarity: it’s not just sitting down and creating a dream board. It isn't just creating a game plan for your life. Getting clarity is also being able to send radically clear messages to the universe so you can create those signals for co-creation. It is sending signals to the universe and asking “more of this, please.”


When we start sending mixed signals to the universe, which sounds like “I want this thing, but…” “I want this thing when…” “I deeply desire to have this life, however..." there's something piggy-backing on the back of your dream. And our job is to figure out what that thing is, because it has to be removed in order for us to be fully in it. Co-creation and manifestation are to assist you in getting there and then to deeply understand the gaps in your current leadership and where you are at.


It's not just about having the vision for yourself and then Action, Action, Action… It's about getting clear on what it is that I say that I want and then becoming it.


In the beginning, it is a process of stripping back the layer of EVERYTHING that I have collected on the way deciding what is mine and what is not mine. Allowing the parts of me that are mine to shine and radiate and become with potency. And the things that are not mine... setting boundaries around those, shutting them, healing them, transmuting them, moving through them so that we can become more whole in who we are and leave behind the baggage that is not ours. The baggage that is not ours are the things that create the sensations of misalignment or feeling like something is off or a blockage in my throat, in my chest, in my stomach, in my womb space, in my mind.


If we have things going on in the body, the body is telling us things and we are listening, but it's creating sensations that don't feel good. This is an opportunity for us to take a look at it and say, “this might actually not be mine. And that's why it doesn't feel good.” So it's understanding the gaps in your current leadership and to show up as the woman who actually makes the creation and the manifestation of that vision come to life.


Our brain is like a GPS:  we can actually train our mind to give us proof and evidence and opportunity of the things that we want. And that's why they say if you think bad thoughts, you will attract more bad things. If you think happy thoughts, you'll attract more happy things. It's not like you suck it in like a magnet. It's that your brain has a filter and to prevent it from imploding, this incredible filtration system only lets through certain amounts of information at a time. So we get to decide. We get to decide that we are the leader. We get to decide the filter through which all of this perception comes through.


And we do that by training our brain to say, “this is what I am available for. This is what I desired. This is what I want. This is what makes me feel good. This is the person that I am becoming. And I'm so fucking excited about this life and where I am going in it. Please, brain, give me more evidence. Give me more opportunities for this specific thing.” 


You want a specific vehicle that nobody else has. You go and buy one and you drive it off the lot. And all of a sudden you're like, “was there a sale on four runners? Because now everybody has one.” It's not that there are any more for runners on the road. It's that you have trained your brain to seek out proof, evidence or opportunities of the thing that you want to create in your brain. 


So when we are unclear on what we want in our life, it starts to send out wonky, mixed signals to the universe and this is how we start to repeat cycles over and over and over again. Like, “I want this thing, but what is holding me back? Why can I not break this cycle? I am so annoyed that I keep ending up in the same opportunity, the same amount of clients, the same amount of income. I've been saying that I want to get to 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k months and I can't get there but I'm working 10 times as hard. I don't understand what the cycle is.”


Our job is to stop sending mixed signals and to create a disruption in the cycle. We create disruption in the cycle with an up level in our energetics and our mind, neural patterning and our aura. We create disruptions in our patterns by recoding to a higher state of who we are and we become that next level version of ourselves. It is cracking open and then using tools to come in and start to heal the shit. It's looking at the shadowy self that is lying underneath. 


Oftentimes we avoid this because when we’re underneath, we’re also hanging out with guilt, shame, trauma, pain and experiences. We don't want to look at that because it makes us not feel super incredible. And when we choose not to look at it, we don't heal the underlying surface. It's like a tree. If there is something wrong with the tree, we don't start to fix the leaves. We start to fix the soil underneath. We have to do the same with who we are. If we want to get to the next level, we have to fix what is going on underneath. This is the energetic upgrade that needs to happen. 


So often what we do when we aren't getting the clients, when we don't have clarity or we're like, “I don't know what, but I know that I'm here to do big things. And I just don't know what it is and I'm just feeling so confused about how to move forward…” Instead of going internally, we often skip the envisioning and embodying and we go straight to trying to integrate. And what we are integrating is everybody else's shit, everybody else's freebies, information, ways of doing things, strategies, methodologies, belief, systems, values, ways of speaking, ways of thinking which leads us to: “I have disconnected from myself and what I want. So I'm going to absorb everything else, like a straw into my body. And then nothing feels like a good fit. Now I feel even more overwhelmed than when I started.”


When we go straight to the doing part and it’s not working it's because, without envisioning and embodying, the doing doesn't have the magnetism to create the reality. There's nothing behind it. We are energetic beings. We are like magnets for what we want. We can train our brain to give us whatever it is that we want in this lifetime. But if I'm just doing and doing and doing, I've turned off the magnetism and it's falling flat and then I feel broken. I feel disconnected.


So either we're not getting the results that we want, or we do get the results that we want. I've done both. And if we get the results that we want from a disempowered disembark place, from a place that is not mine, you will never find contentment. You will never find happiness. You will never find fulfillment. What you will find is this perpetual cycle that keeps happening, that gives you more overwhelm, more anxiety, because you're just waiting for the moment when you pull down your mask and the whole thing falls apart.


I made a million dollars on hustle. Do, do, do, be more, try it on, go, go, go. Not only did I miss out on very beautiful, vital parts of my life that I can't get back, but I also lost who I am and who I was supposed to be in the cycle of doing it. I found myself sitting on my couch one day, bawling my out, realizing that I had disconnected from the last like three to four months of my life. I hated the person I had become because I felt so fucking uncomfortable inside of my own body that I couldn't look at my business. I couldn't even think about talking to my clients. I was so disconnected that there was more for myself and it scared the hell out of me. And from the outside looking in, everything seemed to be perfect. I had it made, it was all good. But I felt like “What? Who even am I? What is happening?” So the goddess version of you, your truest essence that is inside is what can shift and disrupt the repeat cycle.


The way that we 2x, 5x, 10x our income and our impact and the work that we do with our clients in half the time, is by turning up the magnetism. Clearing out what's not ours so that we can gain what is ours. This is always where visionaries ignore investing. This is where we ignore our next level. This is where we ignore when we are supposed to do something different. Create a disruption. This is the most essential part of the big picture. We avoid investing in ourselves when the investment is what we need to crack ourselves open so we can start to heal the underlying stuff.


“If I knew the five step system to success, then I would be successful. If someone would just share their launch sequence with me, then I would have my 20k launch. If I had her kind of ambition, then I would lose 30 pounds. If I had support like that, then I would be a better mom. I would have more time. I would feel better in my house. I wouldn't be so fucking stressed out all the time. If I just had more help, more support, more money. If I just had her amount of money, then I would be able to run epic ads inside of my business then I would be successful…”


Fuck all of that. This is where you decide to disrupt the system. This is where you go all in on what you said you wanted. All in. The magic is never in doing more or doing at all, the magic is not in doing anything at all… the magic is how we be and who we are. The secret in which we create our desires by is we feel, then we have, then we do.


It needs to be, “I am choosing to be now so that I can become the goddess that I need to be to take actions forward with confidence and boldness and unwavering belief in myself. I will move the needle forward every single day so that I can have.” Because to have, we need to get clear on what we want and who we need to be. “What do I want and who do I need to be at my next level to have that?” And then you show up in her essence every single day. You show up as that person every single day. Just because you don't have it now, doesn't mean that it's not in your energy field and if you want it to be closer, you need to start being the person that can hold the space of having that thing right now. This is envisioning.


This is where we shift. This is where we elevate. This is where we heal. This is where we actually subconsciously get to the next level. We actually become the person who operates naturally at that level. It's not hard. It's not a forced thing. Because it becomes our character and who we are to operate at that level. And then from there, when we have trained that part of ourselves, when we've healed the shit that we need to. Then, and only then, from that place of completely embodying who we need to be and what is the vision and having the tools, we create aligned action and we create the magic with ease.


So what are your core desires? If we strip away anything that is not yours, what do you really want? Not corporate, not your husband, not your kids, not your parents, not perfection, you. If we stripped away everything and you got really quiet, what are your core desires? Who are you really? What do you crave to do? And what do you really want? If anything could be true for you, what would you have be your truth? If you could have anything, be anything, if you could have anything be true for you, what would you happen?