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Ebbs & Flows of a Successful Business

Mar 15, 2021

Welcome BACK to The Empower Project Radio! It’s been a minute.

My name is KC Volard -- I am a women’s empowerment and embodiment coach guiding visionary women back to their power and helping them cultivate an internal environment for success through energy work, kundalini, self-discovery and uncovering their Dharma. Guiding them to really coming home to who they are and who they were meant to be when they’re put on this earth.


I took some time and It’s been really busy on the backend of all of my own learning and integrating. Here’s some things that have happened since being off for eight months: My girls are getting so big, the lack of travel is kind of making me cuckoo, I’ve gotten handfuls of certifications; I finished out my practitioner level for NLP, EFT, clinic hypnosis which are all these beautiful Neuro Mindset subconscious re-coding and rewiring tools. I also got light leader Kundalini certified which is incredible. The light leader certification is modernized Kundalini for modernized women and it’s bringing these very sacred ancient technologies for the body and modernizing them for us and our busy lives and crazy businesses. 


Learning and integrating these tools into my own life has been crazy you guys - like the stuff that has happened in my own life my own business has just been like mind blowing. We went from 4K months to 50K months in less than a year, the clients are epic, the Facebook sisterhood is growing... I’m just so so grateful.


But what’s really interesting is I felt like I was moving forward so quickly through my own life and gathering up this information and everything started going so fast that I felt like I was getting caught in like a whirlwind. It was like a big swirl of “Oh my gosh, This is all good and all exciting but I’m losing the bigger vision.” I was getting lost in the ocean of all of the magical things that I was learning that in the moment I forgot to really step back and take a look at the bigger picture.


I don’t know how many of you guys are like me but unless I get forced to slow down I’m like “Ain’t no stopping this bitch!” and we just go, go, go. So in these last 8 months, these moments of being forced to slow down, I found so much beauty in realizing that I was way bigger than what I was allowing myself to create by being so busy in all of the fun magical stuff. So I wanted this to just be about saying hello, and that I miss you and number two just to give you full permission to slow down and reevaluate.


I took eight months away from the podcast, away from major content creation and I took a longer, extended periods of time off of social media when I needed it. I took longer periods of time in between the launches of my programs because I really wanted this information that I was learning to integrate into every cell of my body so when I turn around and I teach it to you, it comes from a place of complete authenticity and embodiment. A place of complete understanding of how these practises feel, work and impact. We can gobble up all this information from all over the place but if it’s not coming from a place of embodiment and understanding, it becomes just a regurgitation of what we’re learning.


If we’re not truly coming from a place of our own understanding when we talk about fulfilment in pursuing our Dharma and fulfilling what it is that you’re here to do,  there is going to feel like there is a disconnect between what you are teaching, what you are doing, how you’re showing up and what you know in the depths of your soul that you were put here to do.


Full permission.


I am sending you a virtual permission slip right now to slow down and reevaluate where you’re at. What feels good and what you are here to do long term the big picture vision of your life? The self discovery journey is so crazy you guys. It feels like every time I turn a new page it’s like “What is this new entire level realm that I have entered? I’m here for it but it’s crazy,” and every time we start to learn these new things we grow so much. We grow so much in our mind, in our body, our energy and or up level. You could feel it - you know when you learn something that you were meant to learn - it’s like “Ahhh I remember it and it’s so exciting.”


When we start to grow that quickly we need these periods of slowing down and integration. Because in these moments of slowing down and letting it integrate and letting it settle into the cells of our being, we’re also developing our intuition and allowing it to come through and speak. Our intuition is our guide, always. The more fine-tuned we are and the more we understand our intuition, the more quick and effective decisions we can make in our life and our business. 


Have you ever said to yourself, “God, I wish there was a manual for my life and my business that would teach me to have success in a way that would feel so true to every inch of my being” ?


Our intuition is just that. We are born with this tool inside of us and unfortunately most of us learn how to pile a fuck ton of information on top of it, totally disconnect from this beautiful piece of ourselves and start acting and being in the world how we’re expected to be. My prayer and wish for you is that you will learn to fine-tune this intuition so it can be your guide because this tool that is deep down inside of you that intuition is meant to navigate you towards your purpose, always.


What am I here to do? Who am I here to be? How am I here to serve? Our intuition is like a little tiny whispering compass inside us and in order for it to speak we need to have those periods of integration to get really quiet and say: “OK intuition, tell me what I need to do and I will take action.” over and over and over again.


Until we start to create a new bubble of reality for ourselves inside of our business, this is how our brand will evolve, our business and our purpose and all the things that we’re doing it will slowly evolve as we do because we always lean back into what do I really want and what am I here to do.


That was me for the last eight months. Hanging out getting really quiet, journalling tons on “this is what I have learned, this is what I am taking as truth, this is what I’m leaving, this is what I’m tweaking to make my own.” I had to show up and do the work for myself and now I’m ready to teach it to you and there’s gonna be a new evolution at every stage. 


My message is that we all can learn externally. We all run around and we pick up incredible information and when we’re passionate about something we’re curious and interested in, we can read about it for hours, we can learn about it, we can take courses, we can learn from mentors, for hours and hours and hours. We can pick up things externally but we need these periods of rest and integration to allow the process to blend with our own magic and understanding. 


This is clarity. I promise this is where you will find that really beautiful fitting sweater. This is where the clarity happens - “It feels like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life,” it’s taking all of this information that we learn externally, bringing it down into our body, into our sensations, into our nervous system, into our subconscious and our understanding and letting it sit there for a little bit.


When it sits there, it creates this swirl and blend inside of the body with our own God-given medicine that we were put here with. The Universe gave us these gifts - the magic, the medicine, the uniqueness, the weirdness. Our understanding and our uniqueness get blended together and when we allow that process to integrate and to happen, we show back up in the world and that’s how it is yours. Uniquely yours - like nobody else can do it. Sometimes when things are moving too quickly in our life, we don’t allow ourselves to have these abs and flows of life and allow ourselves to slow down and have a little bit of space. Because it’s fun. It’s exciting. 


Before I was forced to slow down, it was like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Even though it was working, nothing felt like it was mine. When that happens, it can cause a disconnect that does not feel like fulfilment for me. There’s a disconnect between my purpose and my passion and my expression and what I’m showing up and doing every single day just because I learned or I’m good at it. When that happens and we find this disconnect, as humans, we try and fill the void by external resourcing. Comparing ourselves to everybody else on the internet - people in our niche, people in our industry, other people that we love, who we’re following and mentors. We start comparing ourselves to them and we lose that unique way that we are supposed to do it.


We lose the connection to who we are here to be. So a couple of things that I really leaned into for the integration to happen: 


  1. Taking some sacred space away from social media. 48 hours, 72 hours. Being really intentional about deleting your apps, disconnecting and allowing yourself to not be in a comparison trap and not be in the noise of social media - even though it can be inspiring. Allowing yourself to chase your curiosity - painting, getting outside, taking a weekend trip somewhere, sleeping all day, reading books, studying, moving your body, kundalini, yoga, trying new foods. Allowing yourself to get playful. I always go back to the times when I was 6-14 and think about what I was curious about and what I would be doing then. If I got to do it all over again knowing what I know now,  how would I play? How would I be? How would I surrender? Go back to when you were little and do those things regardless of how silly and time wasting it feels. This is your sacred time and you are allowed to do what you want with it.


  1. Journaling daily on your purpose, passions and your vision - not just the tasks that you need to do for your life and business. I know that when I’m in my business and I am manifesting or I’m planning or I am doing my to do list,  my journaling can get very “Here’s what I need to do, here is what I’m calling in, here is the expression of me as if it’s already done.” But I really want you guys to take some time to journal on your purpose and your passions and your visions long term - “If I could dream so big, what would it look like?” Writing all of that out - playing in the pages of your journal. And not just in this moment what you need to create but in 5, 10, 20 years. What is your dharma? What is the thing that you are being called to lean into you on a broad spectrum of impact?


  1. Allowing the spaciousness when you crave it and not feeling bad about taking time in your life to allow for eb and flow and space. I had a moment when I was doing a Kaushik Record reading the other day and the message that came through for me was there is so much clarity in the void. There are answers in the void and I was like “What the fuck does that even mean?” Afterwards I was thinking about it. I'm like, “Oh!” The void is when you take time to rest, get curious, have fun, rest your nervous system, allow your mind to float and play off in the clouds of your highest self.


So being intentional about discovering what makes you curious inside of the intentional spaciousness that you are creating for yourself. This will be ever evolving. The things that I learn about myself blow my own mind. I’m like “How did I forget these parts of myself?” or “Why was I so afraid to share these parts of myself?” or”Why did I feel like I was unworthy or not good enough or not unique enough or the way that I teach it was not different enough for it to be worthy of me sharing it?”


One of the things that I struggle with in my own life ,through my own growth, is this need to be so different in the way that I do things. The things that seem typical or the things I do every single day, I forget that some people don’t know this or that we have to hear things over and over and over and over again and sometimes in the form of just a reminder.


So full permission. In these moments of spaciousness to go “Fuck the way that I have been told that this has to look. My own unique way of doing it just because of who I am is good enough and when I teach from a place of my heart this is how I actually change my own life.” That was what you were here to do all along.


So here’s my permission.