Answer the Calling...

to Become a World-Class Practitioner of Neuro-Somatic Mastery + Mysticism.

Where the worlds of NeuroScience, Somatics & Kundalini blend to create a Trifecta transformation for your clients like nothing else.

Imagine...facilitating massive transformation for your clients  + scaling your coaching business to 6+ figures.

Trifecta Alchemy is a 6-month multi-modality certification to master the tools, techniques + practices soulfully crafted to create multidimensional + miracle-style results.

TRUE ALCHEMY isn't coaching from the level of the mind. 

When we learn to work with our clients mind, body and energy, we can customize an experience for deep lasting results like nothing else.

This is a one-of-a-kind bottom-up, top-down, all-encompassing approach to healing formulated to break through fear-based blocks, outdated programming + master an empowered state of being. 



You desire to work with others in the realms of healing, magic, and, mysticism. You have a deep desire to impact the world with your gifts.

-You desire to become deeply knowledgable about energetic, psychotherapeutic, and somatic  healing techniques and practices.

- You have been called to Kundalini & want to learn how to facilitate this powerful technology in a deeper capacity for yourself or with your clients.

- You're ready to increase your personal power, self-trust and activate your fullest potential.

- You know that old conditioning, ancestral/generational patterns,  and inner child traumas are holding you back or blocking you from connecting to your potential, creativity or fullest expression.

- You have a soul-remember that you are a medicine woman, healer, mystic, oracle, witch or another form of this work and you want to explore the depths of possibility to rewind this part of you.

- You are BEYOND READY to become the visionary + artist of your life. To create miracle-style experiences and create a reality/business that surpasses your wildest dreams.

- Magnetize abundance + 2x-10x your income while staying in alignment with your values, your truth and your vision.



  • Powerful transformational tools to understand what level of alchemy your clients need.

  • Certification in 3 different subconscious techniques you can use with your clients

  • Certification in 4 different somatic techniques including 15+ Kundalini Kriyas to use with your clients for different scenarios.

  • A 3-Day IN-Person Retreat to facilitate the powerful modalities in real time.

You will walk away from this certification feeling Confident and Competent in your craft as a Trifecta Alchemy Practictioner.

What you'll learn:

- Reprogramming of the subconscious for success through NLP, EFT, Kundalini Psyche Recoding.

- Trauma-Informed deep somatic embodiment work to release stored trauma from the body, to heal our connection to Self and your relationship with pleasure.

- Profound energetic healing through our Wisdom centers, chakras + acupressure points.

- Dive deep into the ancient technology of Kundalini. What it is, how it works, and how to use this potent energetic medicine for yourself and your clients. You will learn to diagnose energetic blocks & prescribe specific kriyas from our Kriya Library.

- Rebirthing your most aligned, empowered + soul driven Self through the awakening of your Life Force Energy.

- Healing inner child + ancestral trauma + Witch wounding through various techniques.

- Expanding your leadership, self-trust + mastery to invoke a radical transformation from within.

- How to facilitate wildly transformative circles & rituals in a safe, supportive environment. You will learn the set up, the structure + handfuls of rituals/activities you can pull into your SisterCircles to create magical containers.


Here we will explore the depths of the conscious + subconscious mind. You will have the ability to create neurological repatterining techniques with your clients to help them bust through fear-based blocks, limiting beliefs, and patterns that hold them back.


Here we will explore the depths of blocks + patterns stored at the level of the body. This takes your mastery as a practitioner FAR beyond the level of the mind. You are able to facilitate cellular transformation through the re-negotiation of trauma in the body. 


Here we will explore the powerful ancient technology of Kundalini with a modernized approach to energetics to create profound transformation. We will also dive into the Chakras, the Wisdom Centers and the aura. 


Here you will learn the ART of Transformational Coaching and what it truly takes to be a stand-out, sought-after and radically power mentor.


A 3-Day IN-Person Retreat to facilitate these powerful modalities in real time. You will walk away from this certification feeling Confident and Competent in your craft as a Trifecta Alchemy Practitioner.



  • 12 LIVE Mentorship calls that are either modality guidance/facilitation, breakthrough experiences or educational strategy sessions + 30 minutes of Q&A.

  • 4 Business Strategy Calls to help you bring your magic to life + create a 6-Figure and beyond business


  • 6 Practicum Calls where I will walk you through the facilitation of our techniques in real time.

  • A private Sisterhood Community. An intimate space to connect, be seen  supported while sharing your journey, and create lasting relationships.

  • A branding photoshoot at the in-person retreat you are able to use for your website + online branding.

You will walk away from this certification feeling Confident and Competent in your craft as a Trifecta Alchemy Practictioner.

Learn. Embody. Integrate.Faciliate.

This methodology of learning inside this certification is designed to help you become a MASTERFUL PRACTITIONER of this work.


The online learning portal includes 5 Phases of pre-recorded trainings + sessions span out over 6 months. You will find over 100 videos + lessons, techniques, tools and practices.


You will begin on the journey of self-exploration + healing for YOURSELF first! You will experience what these different modalities + medicines feel like in your own body. This is an EXCITING phase of this program, as I personally get you walk you through your own self-mastery, evolution, healing + ascension.


Once you have FULLY embodied these tools, you will be able to explore making them your own. This is where we don't become cookie cutter coaches, but find our own flavour of mentorship to shift the frequency of the planet. Your UNIQUE methodology + medicine.


You will learn to take these tools + techniques and work hands-on with clients. First, within the sacred container of this program then as a certified practitioner. You will leave feeling Confident + Competent having facilitated this modality in real time with real people.


"The only failure is not trying. I have experienced more support, more clarity, more stability, more encouragement and more healing in the past four months—learning to look to MYSELF as the authority, than I ever did under any other modality or teaching. KC has a no-bullshit policy that's built into her bones and she brings that authentic raw strong AF energy to everything and lends it to you when you need it."

- Cheryl L.

"KCs way of doing life as a woman, wife, mother, CEO, wealthy woman, leader, witchy bad ass babe invites in a sense of ease and flow that we are all craving. The containers she creates welcomes in vulnerability, engagement, openness and deep support like not many I’ve been apart of. This allows you to go deeper into your whole being, your why, your internal world. The support you receive from KC and her team is next level AND the Depot of connection, support, unconditional love, clarity and friendship you create with your sisters is soul filling!! "

- Rae-LynnM.


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I'm KC.

Self Mastery + Kundalini Business Mentor

I'm a guide for visionaries who are READY to Rewild their magic + mastery. I am a multidimensional being who is here to teach the rebel souls how to do life + business radically different. 

Being a mama of 3 little Goddess beings, a wife and being diagnosed with ADHD, I scaled my business from $4k months to $60k months in less than a year and have since built a million dollar business organically — normalizing having it ALL without the sacrifice + hustle.

I'm here for the changemakers who want to FULLY embody Wealth + crack the codes to living a truly abundant life in their Mind•Body•Frequency and Business. I focus on energy alchemy, somatic embodiment, kundalini, past life exploration + sacred business blueprints.



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