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Why Your Manifesting Practice Isn't Working

May 18, 2021

Here's what we have been taught about manifesting:

1. Visualize the thing that you want. Picture that thing that you want. Get very clear on what it is that you want.

2. Feel the feelings of already having the thing.

3. Practice gratitude and celebrate as if you already have the thing so that you can raise your frequency, be on the same energetic frequency as a thing that you want and call it into your life.

4. Take action in your life so that you are co-creating with the universe.

5. Surrender. Let it go, release it and don't get all rigid and weird with how it has to look or that it has to look a certain way or it won't come true. I will do my part while the universe does its part to create this and then I surrender. I let it go because being rigid and holding onto it so tight is actually closing off our ability to receive. So when we hold so tightly to the outcome of what it is that we desire, we cut off that entire connection that we have to actually co-create.


Where most of us get lost in manifesting is in number one. We create a vision that is based on external validation around -- "If I have this thing, then I'll be worthy. If I create this thing, then I'll be successful. When I have this money, I will do this." This is what I did inside of my business as I created the vision for my life. I set all of my goals and I put my wishes out into the world based on what everybody else expected of me or all of the things that I picked up from everybody around me that was successful or fulfilled or happy or enlightened or doing the things that I wanted to do, had the bank account that I wanted to have, the vehicle that I want to have. I created my entire vision for my life based on what I thought would make me happy because it's what everybody else had.


So the vision that I created for my life and my business, and then the goals that I set for myself based on that vision, we're all encompassing of what corporate expected of me, what my mentors expected of me, what maybe my spouse or my friends or people that I looked up to expected of me. So that's where we get stuck on number one. We get lost in the vision and we create the vision based on external validation or we're seeking externally for answers.

Number two, when they say "feel it inside of your body," this is not sitting here going "okay, I'm seeing the thing. I want the thing, I feel it on my body. Yay. This is so exciting. I feel so good. This feels so good. This is so great..." because does that really work? I mean, if you don't have something, how hard is it to fucking feel the feelings of having the thing without having the thing?

What that means to me is that I bring the live sensations inside of my body based on the vision behind the vision of what I want. So when I have 10K months, what do I believe that will create for me? Joy? Freedom? Ease? Excitement? Butterflies? What do I feel that those 10K months are going to give me? What will it feel like when I call those five clients into my program? It will feel like competence, empowerment, excitement.

So I have to look at the feelings behind the thing that I want to have. This is where a lot of people get lost because they think that they're feeling the feelings, but it only comes as far as the mind. So bringing it down into the body actually means creating sensations inside of our nervous system, inside of our little energy centers that we have all over the body, being able to feel the sensations inside of my body and also noticing the sensations that feel like trigger, lack, restriction, overwhelm, etc. Noticing those sensations in the body and not trying to bypass them, but actually being able to eradicate them, heal them, move them through the body, move them through the nervous system, heal the parts of ourselves that hold us back.


Feeling the feelings is actually about healing your shit. Feeling the feelings is actually about recognizing where you're at with understanding your triggers. What makes you feel really, really, really good and learning how to stay in those sensations of feeling really good. And when you are triggered, understanding what is triggering you and pulling you out of feeling really good, and then setting appropriate boundaries from your soul and your intuition. Setting boundaries so that you stop getting knocked out of feeling really good and healing the parts of yourself that are not in alignment with the sensations and vibrations that you want to feel.

And then gratitude and celebration. Is this coming from a place of "The vision isn't even mine" then I'm pretending that I'm feeling it inside of the body and then I'm going to have a mini dance party to a song. And that's how I manifest." OR is it truly allowing your body to drop into lower states of consciousness while creating the party and the celebration inside of the nervous system of the body while visualizing what it is that you want so that it can actually shift the frequency of your body and then action steps?


Truthfully, am I sitting back and am I waiting for the universe to show up for me the whole way? Or am I doing my part with action steps and all? Are those action steps in line with my heart's values and beliefs? So what I mean by that is, I spent a lot of my life in the last few years in a state of burnout and disconnection and feeling like I didn't even know who I was anymore. I hated being in my body. I didn't want to show up in my business. I didn't want to show up online. I didn't even want to show up in my life for my kids and my relationships. Nothing. Because I was just so fucking overwhelmed and frustrated that I didn't know who I was, my purpose, my passions, I was just disconnected.


And so the action steps that I was choosing to take were trying to bypass doing the real work. Listening to everybody else's strategy and five steps systems, while thinking to myself, "the answer must be outside of me. It must be in the next podcast. I must have to hire another coach." Constantly seeking outside of myself when really, if I followed the same strategy, but I funneled all of my energy, all of my magic into one and thing, it would have shifted everything for me.

So when we create the action steps, I want you to ask yourself:
1. Are these action steps in alignment with my values or am I completely getting off track?
2. Are these action steps in align with what I said that I wanted or am I putting so many action steps into so many different areas of my life that I am diluting my energy?
3. Where AM I putting my energy?

And the last thing to manifesting is surrendering. Truly surrendering. Getting down on your knees, putting your head to the floor and saying, "I'm giving it all up to you. You channeled the idea to me. I will do everything in my power to take the action steps every single day to move my business and my goals and my dreams forward and the outcome I will surrender. I will not be rigid. I know that it's mine. I know that I'm valuable. I know that I'm fucking worthy of everything. So I will just do my part."


That's how we manifest this work. This is what took me from 4k months to 40K months in eight months. In less than a year, I went from making less than 50,000 to making half a million dollars a year in my business. And I was doing nothing different strategy-wise. The difference was that I stopped giving my power away to shit that didn't matter to me. And then I rewilded the goddess energy that is inside of me. The goddess energy that is inside every single one of us. 

So if you didn't have to learn all the things and you were good enough right now... what would you do differently? How would you show up differently? And if you were making the money that you want to make, or you had the business that you want to have, what different actions would you be taking right now?

You guys, if you're not getting what you want, if you are not cultivating the life of your dreams, if your vision is not coming alive yet, if you're not manifesting and doing all the things... it's not you, it's not you that's broken and you're not doing it wrong. It's that one of these steps needs to be taken to the next level. Your next level, your goddess level. Because the next you and the next level of vision that you have and the things that you want to create requires you to become a different version of yourself in order to get there. It requires an entirely different version and vibration of you to make that happen.