the launch vortex



why you NEED The Launch Vortex

The sustainability in your business comes from what you do OUTSIDE of your launch. The energetic + strategic hygiene that happens after the spark of the launch starts to fizzle. << if not, this is where the launch after launch after launch and constant selling thing starts to happen.

I’m not only teaching you what I do IN my launches, but I’m sharing what to do after the launch to keep your business + energetic capacity expanding  — this is KEY.

Successful launches require streamlined + powerful strategy AND masterful energetics. BOTH.

Because HIGH HIGHS followed by LOW LOWS both financially + energetically aren’t the vibe.

In this 2 day masterclass, I am sharing MY 6-Figure launch plan -- EVERYTHING from the step-by-step strategies + systems all the way to mastering your frequency. 

The secrets behind my $137k LAUNCH and how it was the EASIEST launch I’ve EVER had
and how I generated $85,000 CASH in 20 days.

What you will learn:


How to map out your 6-Figure Launch + the elements that go into a successful launch and where to place them (freebies, masterclasses, etc)


Messaging, Client Attraction + Sales for a Soul’d Out Launch


The ENERGETICS of launching - How to harness + hold the capacity for 6-Figure Launches


Hi! I am KC Volard (@iamkcvolard) 
Founder of the As She Rises brand

I'm a kundalini + somatic guide who works with visionaries who are READY to Rewild their magic + mastery. Being a multidimensional being, I am here to teach the rebel souls how to do life + business radically different. 

Being a mama of 3 little Goddess beings, a wife and being diagnosed with ADHD, I scaled my business from $4k months to $60k months in less than a year and has since built a million dollar business organically — normalizing having it ALL without the sacrifice + hustle.

I am certified in kundalini, NLP, EFT, hypnosis and find purpose in empowering women to know that they too can bravely step into the unknown – focussing on energy alchemy, somatic embodiment, kundalini, past life exploration + sacred business strategy.