the membership

the membership

the membership

A SACRED business incubator combined with an ENERGETIC Toolkit.

A space to learn Rituals, Tools, Practices, Systems, Strategies & Ways of BEing to Master Your MAGIC, Your Energy, Your Mindset & Your Soulset to create your aligned SUCCESS path.

This isn’t your average Membership — this is a VORTEX.⁣

You enter as one version of you. Your transmute, evolve, expand, seduce your shadows, elevate your vibration — and transform into an entire new being.


We FEEL it in our heart,
the tingle. 

Have you ever....?

  • Felt completely lost on what your purpose is on this Planet?
  • You feel "stuck" or "blocked" -- you know it's not a strategy thing, it's an energy thing...but WTF do you do with THAT??
  • Exhausted from the hustle, doing ALL-THE-THINGS & it's still not working how it could be.
  • Feel like the creativity is non-existent & the FLOW is no. So you pile on another system thinking it will unlock your feminine magic.
  • Have BIG dreams for yourself but have no idea how to expand who you are to become the woman who can achieving these things - with ease?
  • KNOW you were made for MORE, made to do big things in with World, made to make an impact -- but lost as to what it all means for you?
  • Wanted to be 100% confident in the choices you are making for your life?
  • Are you SICK & TIRED of getting in your own way? 
  • Are you READY to take a deep dive into the vision for your life & know for CERTAIN you are on the right path?
  • You are ready to dive DEEP into your Spiritual journey.
  • You are TIRED of the fluffy BS being throw around about success on the internet when you KNOW that everything you need is inside of you. Your heart, your soul, your energy, your aura, your magic << You're READY to play in this arena!

Then this container is FOR YOU!

KC Volard

- Creator of As She RISES™

A few years ago, I was LOST.  A brand new momma, $20 to my name, living in a mold infested condo trying to figure out how my life had gotten SO off course....All of the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, addictions & constant searching for empty happiness in this life -- I KNEW it was time for BIG change. <<< So I drew the line in the sand.

The moment it all became clear is still so fresh to me—sitting on my bedroom floor, taking the last $20 I had to my name out of a bible I got as a little girl to buy groceries and diapers for my 2 month old bebe, desperately trying to figure out how everything had gone so drastically off course for my life. In that moment I made a HUGE promise -- this was NOT going to be the story of my life.

I knew there was going to require some huge growth required to move myself out of my current situation.  <<< Begin the DEEP soul searching.

The deeper I went and the more I learned about myself, the more it forced me outside of my comfort zone + opened up MANY stories I had been carrying through my life that crafted my reality. I studied mentors whose life I wanted my life to mimic. I dove deep into my spiritual journey. I surrendered and trusted the process of growth. 

And so my journey began.

At first, it was uncomfortable. Discovering parts of myself that require A LOT of healing + rewiring. Uncovering parts of my soul I didn't know existed. Day in and day out I GREW. I grew my spirit, my mindset, & my frequency.  Making my dream vision for this life my full time commitment and JOB, I began putting all the principles into practice, trying and failing myself to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Learning to BEcome the woman I envisioned and embody the woman I needed to become to change the course of my life.  I pieced together the information and in the experience of my own transformation... 

the MultiDimensional Mastery Membership was born. 

I slowly began to crack the codes of success. Picking up ways of doing things, ways of Being, ways of healing, ways of understanding. Learning energy, frequency, manifesting, goal setting, human design, Energetic DNA, Subconscious tools, business tools, systems & strategies. 

First for myself -- then for clients who would use these same tools to explode their own success into realms that don't even make sense. OVER & OVER & OVER again I would watch these tools transform women into MASTERS of their own craft, energy & expression. >> I took each of these tools and built a TOOLKIT for you where you can come for a CUSTOMIZED experience through your own growth & mastery. Like a delicious buffet of SUCCESS tools.


What you will learn

This is a TOOLKIT-style transformational container using Neuro, Somatic + Energetic practices to completely SHIFT + HEAL you. This is EMBODYING success.

-- A powerful blend of Neuro-Mindset Tools pulled from NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnosis & Success + Transformation Coaching. Bust limiting beliefs, next -level visualization + healing of the mindset.

-- Somatic + Embodiment tools & practices to bring the vision + dream down into the body where we can bring them to life.

-- Breathwork + Kundalini Activations +  Meditations to deepen your experience & further your energetic reprogramming of old patterns.

-- BUSINESS & SUCCESS Coaching. The Masculine Strategy part of building a successful & aligned business. 

-- Rituals to unleash your magic. Masculine/Feminine energy work, moon magic, womb healing, energy healing, aura clearing...all things ReWILDING the Goddess within you.


THE SUPPORT -- Access to the Members Facebook Community to receive ongoing & on-demand support through your journey! KC & her team will be active in the community answering your questions, helping you navigate your growth, holding space for you & CELEBRATING your WINS!

MONTHLY ACTIVATION CALLS One of my FAVORITE bonuses! -- You will have a monthly MicroMind Call for Business Mentorship & Energy Work. Submit your questions & receive hot seat coaching directly from KC.

NEW CONTENT & BUNDLES MONTHLY -- Exclusive access to new content + bundles each month on topics around spirituality, embodiment, mindset & business. This container will be continuously evolving and growing with a whole WORLD of resources, tools, trainings and MAGIC to take your personal & business journey to the next level.

DISCOUNTS & VIP BONUSES -- You always be the first to know. You'll get BIG discounts on programs, courses, experiences & containers I create. We will pop champagne for you & you become the OFFICIAL As She RISES VIPs -- roll out the red carpet.

MONTHLY Q&A -- All members are given the opportunity to submit their questions that they need coaching, feedback and support on for KC to answer during the monthly live Q&A hosted LIVE inside of The Members Community.

GUEST EXPERT TRAININGS -- You will have access to teaching, programs & mini-courses from guest experts on many juicy topics that will support you in different areas of your life, healing and transformation.

Investment Options





FULL ACCESS to Membership Site

**You lock in this pricing as long as you keep your membership active

3 MONTH MINIMUM -- Then cancel anytime!





FULL ACCESS to Membership Site

**You lock in this pricing as long as you keep your membership active



The only failure is not trying. I have experienced more support, more clarity, more stability, more encouragement and more healing in the past four months—learning to look to MYSELF as the authority, than I ever did under any other modality or teaching.
KC has a no-bullshit policy that's built into her bones and she brings that authentic raw strong AF energy to everything and lends it to you when you need it.
I have zero regrets about this experience as a person who is not yet earning a steady income from my business, because I know EXACTLY what I'm here to do and HOW to do it because of the past 4 months. I am ready! Thank you.
- Cheryl L.
I healed those ancestral wounds, claimed my divine inheritance and stepped into my bougie self without hesitation. By investing in my SELF I created space for clearing any and all blocks that were keeping me from claiming what was mine already.
Working with KC has been completely transformational energetically, inside and out. Carrying over from the Prosperity Portal, my money mindset COMPLETELY changed.
- Jill Q
Working with KC has brought me so much clarity. Her coaching style is unique and tailored to you and your business.
She has helped me perfectly blend the feminine and masculine energies together to help me grow + scale my business in its truest form. KC has so many amazing tools that have helped me step into my highest version and really BEcome her.
After almost 4 years, I'm still learning new things from her - my transformation is FOREVER evolving. KC -- I'm forever grateful that I found you and that I'm a part of your mission + space.
- Jessica R.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have access to ALL materials, calls, coaching & the Membership Site while your account is ACTIVE. If cancellation or termination occurs, so does your access to the portal. -- You may rejoin ANYTIME!

 If you have previously purchased any product or program that is also inside this membership site created by KC that you have access to as a member, she will not issue any refunds or credits for previous purchases.


Inside of the portal are topics covering:

Business, Energy, Somatic tools, Kundalini, EFT, etc.

When you click on your topic, you will find audios, visualizations, mediations, workbooks, video trainings, masterclasses & mini-courses pertaining to each topic!

It's a TOOLKIT style membership!

Multidimensional Mastery Membership

A space to learn Rituals, Tools, Practices, Systems, Strategies & Ways of BEing to Master Your MAGIC, Your Energy, Your Mindset & Your Soulset to create your aligned SUCCESS path.

This isn’t your average Membership
— this is a VORTEX.⁣
Enter Here

what's inside

SACRED FULL MOON CIRCLE — a monthly gathering where we sit in sisterhood, set our intentions, ground ourselves back into our goals + release what is no longer serving us.

KUNDALINI ACTIVATION — a monthly class to awaken the Shakti energy that lies dormant in each and every one of us. When we master the mind + the energy, the results you desire are a byproduct.

BUSINESS MICROMIND — a monthly hot seat coaching session where you are given the opportunity to ask your burning questions and receive 1:1 mentorship in a group coaching setting with KC Volard.

GUEST EXPERTS — we bring only the best of the best into this membership. Breathwork, somatic embodiment, legacy leadership, womb healing, chakra balancing, energy alchemy, astrology, human design and more.

DISCOUNTS & VIP BONUSES — You'll get a 15% discount on all programs, courses, experiences I create PLUS free access to select masterclasses. You become the OFFICIAL As She Rises™ VIPs — #RollOutTheRedCarpet!

THE SUPPORT — Access to the VIP Facebook Community to receive ongoing & on-demand support through your journey! KC & her team will be there answering your questions, helping you navigate your growth, holding space for you & CELEBRATING your WINS!