Welcome to The Co-Creatrix Method!

The Mystical Business School for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers, Light Workers & Visionaries.

You have magical gifts & powerful tools living within you! The World needs your work now more than ever. This 4-Month Experience is the ONLY program you will ever need to Create, Launch & SCALE your 6-Figure Intuitive Business!


Is this you...

Is this you...
  • You're READY for MORE. More impact, more connection, more direction, more soul-aligned clients, more income...
  • You are ready to double, triple or even 5x your current revenue.
  • You've tried all the masculine strategies and nothing feels like it fits for your business & lifestyle. You're frustrated, overwhelmed, burnt out or just disconnected from your magic.
  • You're ready to sell and scale with fun and ease and stop trading time for money.
  • You're a multi-passionate, multidimensional Queen with so many ideas & gifts to bring to the table...but don't know how to make it all into a seamless, cohesive business. 
  • You're READY to RUN in your business without the burnout, self-doubt and self-sabotaging.
  • You want a business that feels like the perfect fit for your energy, your way of being, your expression & you're rebellious desire to DO IT DIFFERENTLY.
  • You are READY to be seen as a leader in your industry and create life changing results for both you and your clients.
  • Quantum Leap your Income! Whether you're seeking your first sale ever or your first $20k month,  this program is going to suit you! The energetic + strategic tools I teach are designed for EXPANSION at all levels.

BABE -- I got you. THIS is the magic we co-create.

The Co-Creatrix Method

The Co-Creatrix Method
  • We master your energy FIRST. We recode the mind, repattern the aura & energy, and step into FULL OWNERSHIP of your power before start applying strategy. ENERGY MASTERY + EMBODIMENT + STRATEGY -- in that order.
  • We Co-Create with the Cosmos to bring your gifts to life. The magic your dreamiest clients are waiting and praying for.
  • Creating sacred schedules, systems and strategies to fit YOUR energetic DNA and blueprint - preventing burnout!
  • Branding, Content Creation, Messaging, Aligned Offers + a Product Suite that feel like a living, breathing expression of your highest essence. -- I teach you the in's and out's of a 6-figure business YOUR way.
  • It's not just masculine strategy or feminine rituals -- it's a marriage of the 2 sacred powers. It's the embodiment of how your gifts want to be expressed, what you are here to do, how you're here to change the world. Then we put strategy into place to support your highest mission. THIS is intuition, impact AND income.

The Method


SELF MASTERY >> BECOMING the CEO of a 6-Figure Business. Mind - Body - Energy.


KUNDALINI >> Expanding your electromagnetic field + nervous system to EXPAND your success.


BUSINESS STRATEGY >> The Strategic + Structural Guide to creating, launching + scaling to 6-figures.


What's Included:

  • 12 In-Depth Business Modules -- Bite-Size Videos, Workbooks, Trackers & Plans to build a rock-solid Business Foundation. (Value $5000)
  • 4 Custom Curated Kundalini Activations to expand your energy as you ascend into leadership & CEO babe status. (Value $555)
  • Energy Healing & Neuro-Somatic Tools to support your brain, energy, nervous system in each module. (Value $555)
  • 12 Business Strategy Calls. -- Our eyes, your business! IG bios, launch strategies, tactical and practical guidance directly from our coaches. (Value $5000)
  • 4 Energy Alchemy & Group Healing Calls. -- because when we level-up in our business, shit comes up! This is where we support you in energy healing, mindset, shadow work, Akashic guidance and emotionally support. (Value $1000)
  • 4 Coven Calls -- where we gather to work through the experience & course work together as a Sisterhood. Q&A, Masterminding, Connection. (Priceless)
  • 4 Integration Weeks -- your chance to not just learn how to build a successful business, but actually integrate it, understand it, become it.
  • Mastery Breakout Sessions -- increase your confidence, competence, and fine tune your skills before you offer them to your audience! (Value $1000)
  • OPENING & CLOSING CEREMONIES -- because this wouldn't be an As She Rises Experience without the ceremonies. (Value $2000)

TOTAL VALUE = $16, 000+

The Portals

-- The Co-Creatrix Method is a 4 Phase Evolution --

Soul Discovery & Leadership

The first phase of the experience is all about developing your CEO Embodiment, your Energy mastery & New Age Leadership. We aren't piling on MORE strategy until we have created a rock solid foundation within you that can hold it all. We dive deep into your soul's purpose and what you are here to do in the world.

Branding & Essence

Branding isn't just the colours and fonts of your business. It's about creating emotions & connecting to your clients. It's understanding how your business wants to be expressed as an extension of your own essence & being deeply connected to the vibration of your business.

Your content + expertise status is what takes you from "inspirational" to making big sales.

Crafting Your Magic

You are PACKED full of gifts, ideas, certifications, trainings, learnings. This is where we create an entire experience & product suite for your clients. 

You will get the step-by-step process I use to channel my ideas + turn them into irresistible offers.

Product Suite + Aligned Offers + LAUNCHING.

Impact & Magnetism

The phase that seals all of your magic together. We are going to EXPAND your audience & get your creation in front of MORE SoulMate clients! This is where I take you through different structures and systems to SCALE your offer suite and create continuous GROWTH.

We Launch together. We sell out your offers together. We EXPAND your impact together.



I am SO much more focussed and clear about the business I want to create and how I can make sense of the seemingly random things I wanted to include within it. I gave myself permission to have fun and know that the money would come. I have taken on design projects that I would have been to scared to do before, creating planners to go to print and Oracle card Projects (which I LOVE creating) I also re found my confidence and love for coaching. I gave up coaching after a horrendous experience with an ex client. But now I know how to cover my booty, how to build my foundations and how to take care of the businesses number one commodity - Me! AND I don't feel guilty about doing it!

Caz Taylor - Head House Elf at The Wee Housekeeper

Working with KC literally changed my whole life. I went from making no extra money, and not even dreaming of having my own business, to making 4 figures and selling out programs. She taught me the skills and tools I needed to thrive as a divine woman, which let the soul led entrepreneur inside naturally blossom. Her energy is contagious, glorious, and inspires me every single day we work together.

Liz Keen - Head Witch @ Those 2 Witches

The Co-Creatrix Method literally has EVERYTHING you need for success. Don't go anywhere else if you are spiritual woman seeking alignment and sophisticated strategy! It is SO holistic, nothing I have ever experienced, and I've done about 2-3 other group business coaching containers. Every module surprised me with the wisdom KC embodies as business coach AND energetic guide. You will be SO supported, from the inside out.

Brooke Underwood - Emotional Mastery & Somatic Success Coach, Vedic Wealth Astrologist, and Yoginī

The Investment

3-Month Payment Plan



The 4-Month Co-Creatrix Method Experience




The 4-Month Co-Creatrix Method Experience

6-Month Payment Plan



The 4-Month Co-Creatrix Method Experience

Extended 12-Month Payment Plan



The 4-Month Co-Creatrix Method Experience


Who is this program for?

This 4-month signature program and experiential mentorship is for the visionary - entrepreneur, service-based CEO, healer, yogi, consultant, teacher, spiritual gangster, photographer or future online coach who is READY to build an online business rooted in New Age Leadership & conscious business strategy, become an in-demand expert in their industry and calling in INCOME -- her way.

We bring people through this experience who are in the VERY early stages of starting their business. We also bring through people who already have a 6-Figure business! This experience is ideal for anyone who is under $20k/mo.

How long do I have access to the course?

You get LIFETIME access to the course materials & any future upgrades we make!

There is an alumni special for those who want to continue after completing the experience with future cohorts mentorship calls and ceremonies etc.

Is this a LIVE course?

YES! There is something so magical about being IN the space with other people going through the motions with you. We create a vortex of connection, support, accountability, being seen/heard/held and, of course, MASSIVE celebration!

We will be LIVE together for 4 months with weekly support calls, bi-weekly healing calls, bi-weekly study hall calls and a monthly Q&A hot seat call! -- The support in this experience is NEXT LEVEL.

What if I am newer on my Spiritual Journey?

AMAZING! WELCOME! These are very exciting times!

We have women who are brand new to the spiritual realms AND seasoned witches/mystics/alchemists.

The way I approach Kundalini, Spiritual tools, Goddess chanting etc is accessible to EVERYONE and I carefully explain each step of the process. 

We also have alot of support inside this experience to guide you through your ascension + spiritual awakening! Its going to be magical.