This potent Masterclass is for YOU, if you....?

  • Are burnt out by being in constant launch mode. You want your program to sell on autopilot so you don't have to be "ON" all the time.
  • You're winging it! You don't have a structure or strategy in place to support your FLOW & PLAY inside your launch.
  • You start to feel disconnected from your program mid-launch. You know you aren't hitting your launch goals because you give up effort right before the finish line.
  • You're desiring clients who are READY TO BUY! The "send me the link, IM IN!" kinda vibes.
  • You are ready to create content that brings in the SoulMate clients like a magnet. They ones you are so excited to work with. YOUR HUMANS. 
  • Your ready to tap into your inevitable success and rewire what it means to be successful.
  • You're ready for your launches to set fire and your programs to sell out.


KC Volard

- Creator of As She Rises™


LAUNCHING is my freaking jam! I love launching, I love selling, I love the hype.

My SoulMate clients are just as excited to be in the experience as I am to facilitate it!

Truth is...its an ART.

An art I am going to pass onto you!

Launching can be incredible easy -- let's plan yours together!


Launching is part ENERGETICS + part SACRED STRATEGY.

You cannot have one without the other to create a successful + intuitive launch.

It starts with a spark, a special kind of magic. Wonder, possibility, goals, EXCITEMENT. Together, I will teach you how to HARNESS this energy + infuse every fibre of your launch with it. EXPANDING MORE CAPACITY for more income, more clients, more flow.

This is how we magnetize a Soul'd Out Launch.

Then we are going to talk STRATEGY. This is the foundation that HOLDS the energy!  It's the structure that allows your business to scale without overwhelming you. Imagine being able to RUN through the finish line of your launch with leftover power & excitement to start planning your next launch!



 I've hustled myself into the ground to make 6-figures...I've also done it from a place of ease & play working 3 days a week. I've driven myself into insanity with multiple days on end crying, desperate for answers to set me free.....and I've set myself free.

I LOVE wealth. I LOVE impact. I LOVE what happens when money & abundance gets into the hands of GOOD people.  The vibration of the planet shifts. 

I've learnt how to create 10k, 20k, 50k months consistently with EASE. I've set myself free from fearing money & allowing myself to be at peace. I've made the abundant overflow my natural rhythm, always trusting there is more than enough and the easier it gets, the easier it WILL get.

I am going to teach you my own unique methodology behind the PRACTICAL + ENERGETICS of a Soul'd Out LAUNCH of your next program or offer!




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