PROSPERITY PORTAL --  is an activation of magnetism that lives all around you. It's deep within the cells of your being. It's within you. It's your birthright to be abundant.

It's waiting to be Awoken. Rewilded. Reactivated. 

Recoding everything you have learnt about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, or the power of positive thinking. -- Because your UNLIMITED abundance is not a matter of only the mind & body.

This experience will unlock your coding for unlimited wealth, abundance & overflow. All the desires of your heart get to be yours.

This experience is for YOU, if you....?

  • Felt a deep rooted desire for MORE? More money, more impact, more experiences, more freedom?
  • Felt like your life should be running a lot smoother, a lot easier, flowier and are exhausted from trying to figure out HOW
  • You have read the Secret, the abundance books, done the inner work, journaled your money stories & "rewrote them" and nothing is changing for you.
  • You have FEAR around money. Fear of making money because you'll lose it, fear of losing money so you avoid attracting it, Fear of success, Fear of it not ever being enough.
  • You want to create a next level life that doesnt require you to sacrifice your well-being, your time and your happiness.
  • Wanted to be 100% confident in the choices you are making for your life?
  • You're ready to feel SAFE with success & wealth.
  • You want to be MAGNETIC from your desires.


What will I get:

-- 6 MAGNETISM PORTALS:  these are modules that build on one another. 

-- 6 Beautiful Workbooks that accompany each of the Portals for deeper Activation, Integration & Embodiment.

-- A Pre-recorded magnetism Ceremony. An Abundance Spell, An Attraction Ritual, An Energy Activation.

-- A Celebration Night. It's gorgeous. Because celebrations are parties thrown in the name of gratitude. And you will have SO MUCH to celebrate & be grateful for. This is your party.

-- A High-Vibrational Facebook group. So much magic happens in this space. You will be seen, heard, celebrated + supported.

** BONUS Chakra Healing -- We don't override this work with mantras, affirmations & journal writing....we DEEPLY heal the roots.



Time to open the Portals.


KC Volard

- Creator of As She Rises™

A few years ago, I was LOST.  A brand new momma, $20 to my name, living in a mold infested condo trying to figure out how my life had gotten SO off course....All of the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, addictions & constant searching for empty happiness in this life -- I KNEW it was time for BIG change. <<< So I drew the line in the sand.



The moment it all became clear is still so fresh to me—sitting on my bedroom floor, taking the last $20 I had to my name out of a bible I got as a little girl to buy groceries and diapers for my 2 month old bebe, desperately trying to figure out how everything had gone so drastically off course for my life. In that moment I made a HUGE promise -- this was NOT going to be the story of my life.

I knew there was going to require some huge growth required to move myself out of my current situation.  <<< Begin the DEEP soul searching.

The deeper I went and the more I learned about myself, the more it forced me outside of my comfort zone + opened up MANY stories I had been carrying through my life that crafted my reality. I studied mentors whose life I wanted my life to mimic. I dove deep into my spiritual journey. I surrendered and trusted the process of growth. 


And so my journey began.  

I've decided it gets to be REALLY easy.

I've lived without money. I've attached my self-worth to money. I've been in toxic relationships with money. I've experienced living in overflow & losing everything. I've hustled myself into the ground to make 6-figures...I've also done it from a place of ease & play working 3 days a week. I've driven myself into insanity with multiple days on end crying, desperate for answers to set me free.....and I've set myself free.

I LOVE wealth. I LOVE impact. I LOVE what happens when money & abundance gets into the hands of GOOD people.  The vibration of the planet shifts. 

I've learnt how to create 20k, 40k, 60k months consistently with EASE. I've set myself free from fearing money & allowing myself to be at peace. I've made the abundant overflow my natural rhythm, always trusting there is more than enough and the easier it gets, the easier it WILL get.


The Universe wants you WEALTHY.

The Universe wants the desires of your heart to come ALIVE.

The Universe want you to experience it ALL << and to do this, you must crack the codes to abundance.

THIS EXPERIENCE is the awakening of Wealth.

The opening of your Energetic Prosperity Centers. The clearing of your magnetism blueprint. The activation of your LIMITLESS potential. -- and the EMBODIMENT of the Wealthy Woman living in the depths of your soul.

What will I learn:

PROSPERITY PORTAL isn't another course or program. This is a transformational container using Neuro, Somatic + Energetic practices to completely SHIFT + HEAL your Abundance Codes.

-- A powerful blend of Neuro-Mindset Tools pulled from NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnosis & Success + Transformation Coaching. Bust limiting beliefs, next -level visualization + healing of the mindset.

-- Deeply integrated Somatic + Embodiment tools & practices to bring the vision + dream down into the body where we can bring them to life.

-- Breathwork + Kundalini Activations +  Meditations to deepen your experience & re-pattern the aura with frequencies of PROSPERITY. << THIS is pure magic NOT being taught by wealth experts.

-- Magnetism Reprogramming. What it truly means to be a match for what you want & desire to experience.

-- 10x your Impact + Income in half the TIME. You become energetically efficient + emotionally intelligent. A recipe for complete magic.



Clarity Codes.

Getting clear on what is blocking your Divine magnetism. Where is she neglected, where has the relationship become toxic, where has the relationship become needy & co-dependant. Where has it lost it's magic.

Magnetism Codes.

** I teach my manifestation process here! This is where the shifts begin. Understanding where in your life you have been giving your power away, calling it back home to you & reprogramming your future for what you desire.

Subconscious Codes.

The mind creates the sensations the body will experience. IT STARTS in the mind. What lies on autopilot in the depth of your neuro-programming  will decide your existence. -- This is the belief that will set you free.

Embodiment Codes.

From the mind, down into the vessel. The sensations create the ultimate experience. The emotions guide the human. The body emits the frequency. Your energy is the magic. Balancing the energy, repatterning the aura, healing the lower frequencies -- this is the magnetism.


Evolution Codes.

Creating wealth that sustains over lifetimes. It becomes part of your character, embedded into your DNA. It's healing FEAR around wealth as wealth becomes WHO YOU ARE. Collapsing timelines is how it aways gets to be for you.

Ascension Codes.

At ever new level, there is a new level. You get to have it ALL. you get to EXPERIENCE it all. -- The harder you celebrate life's little miracle, the more portals open up for you. You are not in this get to co-create INFINITE possibilities with the Universe. It's waiting for you to meet it half way.



"Working with KC has been life changing. She has taught me so much and helped me believe in myself. I would have never accomplished what I have in the last few months without her. Having such a badass, business genius in my corner cheering me on and guiding me through my new journey has been the most incredible experience and I will be forever greatful to have had her in my corner. KC is amazing and I cannot recommend her enough. "

Ashley B.

" I must say that KC has really made an impact on my life, my mentality, and my dreams. She is very easy to talk to and her advise is given in a way that really makes you think and is there to guide, not judge. She never hesitates to help with my many questions, or even when I have crazy thoughts about my journey. I love the fact that what you see is what you get. She is wonderful at empowering women, and teaching us that no dream is to big or to small, and she reminds me that it is my universal right to have everything that I dream of. I am grateful to have her by my side on this amazing journey of self discovery, and I couldn't imagine having anyone else there to lean on. Thank you KC for the encouragement and no nonsense approach. You truly are a gift to this universe!!!! "

Valerie L.

Unveiling the MAGICAL side of Prosperity. 

The energetic currency & getting on the same frequency so it finds you effortlessly.

The Prosperity Portal will remove the static in your energetic field. It will show you not only how to identify your blocks but how to HEAL them. This is the secret -- the missing information, the activation codes, the master KEY to bridging the gap between the magic in the ethers waiting for you and the physical plane which you reside on.

I've cracked the CODES.

The Prosperity Portal.


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